Linesearch + Unlimited access

It is a logistics tool that allows one to find out which shipping lines serve particular sea routes. It’s made to simplify the process of finding a suitable carrier for a given shipment.

Just add your places of origin and destination, then you can receive a comprehensive list of shipping lines that offer their service in a given region.

The lists are based on open sources and updated on a regular basis. Our analytics system collects data and then our specialists arrange and approve it for your convenience.

With this simple service, you can get complete and up-to-date information about the shipping lines operating in the region of your choosing. Just input the place of origin and destination of your shipment. In a couple seconds you will see all available information about ports served in a selected region by various carriers.

Linesearch is often used by shipbrokers and freight forwarders to optimize their work process. It can be enhanced by Routeplanner to create comprehensive shipping route schedules under any parameters and further upgraded by Logistics Explorer to also add and resell shipping rates.