Adding Rates API

Freight API

Automate the process of adding freight rates to the system. Add the best freight rates and display them on your website or directly on the Provide your best rates to your loyal customers, grow your customer base, and sales in a few clicks.

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You can add your
rates for the following
types of shipping

Adding Rates
SeaRates API

SeaRates API

Add your best rates on popular sea freight options:

LandRates API

LandRates API

Add land transportation rates to provide your customers with multimodal or land transportation, including:

  • Full Truck Load (FTL) API
  • Less Truck Load (LTL) API
  • Full Wagon Load (FWL) API
AirRates API

AirRates API

Add affordable air freight rates to attract new customers to fast transportation.


  1. Synchronization with your system
  2. Automatically add rates
  3. Tracking the validity of rates
  4. Control of all your rates
  5. Promote partners' rates with your markup
  6. Expansion of business geography
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