Shipping line NSC Arkhangelsk

NSC, Arkhangelsk was founded on May 16, 1870. Over the more than 130 years of its development, the company really found its stride during the 1960's. Since this time NSC, Arkhangelsk has been acknowledged as one of the major transporters of timber and lumber.

At the present moment the company is continuing its normal operations in the sphere of international shipping by sea. The NSC fleet consists of unitized dry cargo ships with a DWT of 2200–14000 tonnes, which carry round timber, lumber, pulp-and-paper products, general cargo, bulk cargo, dangerous goods and other cargo types. The availability of ice-classed vessels enables the shipping-line to operate in regions with difficult ice conditions. NSC regularly scheduled voyages ensure trouble-free delivery of cargo to Western Europe via the ports of Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg. The majority of NSC vessels are equipped for handling 20- and 40-foot containers as well as reefer containers.

All NSC vessels are fully insured. Vessel insuring and carrier's responsibility are handled by first-class insurance agencies and associates, well-known throughout the world. The controlling shareholders and management consider the preservation of the NSC profile as a strong and growing ship-owning enterprise to be a fundamental aspect of their strategy, with the goal of consolidating its position in the national and international sea-shipping market.


Today, vessels of NSC, Arkhangelsk take an active part in the international marine shipping industry. The Department of Fleet Operations, staffed by highly-qualified personnel, is responsible for the professional management of the NSC's own fleet, as well as vessels under other ownership.

NSC's fleet consists of unitized dry cargo vessels with a DWT of 2200-14000 tonnes, which transport round timber, lumber, pulp-and-paper products, general, bulk, dangerous and other types of cargo, including cargo in containers. All ships are ice-classed, which allows our fleet to work year-round in regions having difficult ice conditions.

The NSC shipping-line service guarantees regular delivery of cargo via the ports of Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg to European ports, as well as multi-modal transportation including door-to-door delivery of cargo within Russia and internationally, with careful attention to logistics.

Our goal is the provision of the maximum of service to the client, and the constant search for even more efficient methods of secure and timely cargo delivery. We are ready to consider all proposals related to cargo shipping. We invite all those interested in mutual cooperation to contact us.