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Shipping line GEEST LINE

About Us

Geest Line has fostered trade links between the UK and the Caribbean for more than 50 years and today carries more cargo between Europe and the Windward and Leeward islands than any other shipping line.

The origins of the service lie in the shipment of bananas eastbound. Instead of the ships returning in ballast, it provided the perfect opportunity for establishing a general cargo service carrying everything from small packages to large project machinery.

The flexibility of the service is maintained today with a wide range of breakbulk and containerised cargo carried on the weekly westbound departures which sail from Portsmouth and also Le Havre in France.

Surveys show that Geest Line has the highest schedule reliability for round-trip crossings and the shortest transit times to the first port of call in the Caribbean. The movement of perishable fruits means that ships must arrive and depart on time, enabling Geest Line to offer a precise, fixed day service which allows UK exporters to be certain their goods will arrive at the scheduled time. In addition, our experience in the Caribbean puts us in an unrivalled position to offer efficient, careful handling and swift clearance of cargo.

Geest Line's comprehensive network of island calls in the Caribbean also means that we can offer an efficient inter-island service. Our services run exclusively to the Caribbean.

By concentrating on the region we know best, we maintain our position as the No.1 shipping line to the Caribbean.