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SeaRates is the largest digital provider of logistics services. SeaRates sees its responsibility in delivering cargo on time, minimizing costs at all stages of transportation. Our vision is to focus on increasing customer income, on actions that will help traders significantly expand the geography of their sales, as well as on the obligation to increase the income of shareholders.
The mission of SeaRates is to give its customers the best tool for foreign trade business. We strive to provide not only a modern high-quality service with a large geographical coverage, but also a high speed of delivery of our customers' cargoes. And in all that we do, we are guided by three principles - honesty, consistency and justice.
We analyze prices, negotiate with shipping lines, airlines, look for new partners, find trade-offs with all market participants, which altogether results the cost of transportation. We do our best to minimize the cost of delivery. is a unique platform that integrates booking system, business logic algorithms, cargo consolidation, vector algebra, interpolation and machine learning, with elements of artificial intelligence. We created these technologies, perfected them over the years and continue to refine them. To meet our high standards of customer service, we will always introduce the most innovative technological developments. We use a simple method of reducing costs based on the principle of "Drive more - pay less". We collect and ship goods all over the world. This approach saves our customers' expenses for the transportation of goods, since all discounts due to the volume of traffic from the largest shipping and air companies are available to our customers. uses secure protocols. In the course of bookings or discussing the details of transportation, we encrypt the transmitted data, preventing the possibility of this information getting into the hands of any third parties.
Absolutely not. When you request a quote you are under no obligations.
For any business on our website – you are dealing with SeaRates and we are undertaking to arrange the delivery or any other service and protect you from scamming, blackmailing and extra charges.
We strongly recommend you to order insurance from your local insurance company, or order it via SeaRates support to ensure you are covered to the level you want.
To edit/change your request follow Virtual Office - my shipping posts, or contact our Support Team.
This can happen from time to time depending on the type of load, location and correct information. It is often the case with more exotic destinations or special shipments. For such cases, you can always contact SeaRates support team directly.
You can find a description of your rate in the “details” tab or in your confirmation e-mail. In case of direct requests, detailed information will be provided to your personally.
SeaRates accepts a variety of payment methods. You can find details in your booking confirmation, receive your invoice and pay online by credit card or via a bank transfer.
When you submit a shipping request you can enter any specific information into the ‘Shipping details’ box. Once you have received your booking confirmation we ill contact you to discuss particular information.
You can use the search bar on our main page with your places of loading/discharge and type of shipment, request a quotation directly on our platform or contact one of our managers.
You can book an offer directly from the search interface or confirm it with one of our managers via chat/e-mail.
All prices on our platform have been added by us and our trusted partners worldwide. We keep them current and up to date. Any bookings made through the platform are subject to confirmation by your personal manager.
You can customize your search if you click the “Advanced search” button and by changing the shipping type.
Port fees, import/export clearance, inland delivery, etc. You can see the complete list by clicking the option and pressing the “details” tab. You can customize your quote and discuss the services you need with your manager after making your booking.
No. You will be put in touch with your personal manager who will once again go through all your details and send you an invoice after getting a clear understanding of your shipping needs.
If you see a running price - it means that the exact price is not entered into the database, but the program calculates the most approximate price based on the general dynamics of the market in this direction in accordance with the general rules of freight pricing. In the case of container shipments, from time to time the shipping lines, in order to avoid a drop in the market, implement GRI (general rate increase) , and therefore the freight cost may differ. For this reason, when placing a booking, you must always re-confirm the exact freight rate for a specific departure or sailing date.
All charges listed in the rate descriptions are included in the final price. The rate information can be found in the “details” tab of the platform or in your confirmation e-mail.
By default, all charges which are due to taxes in local countries, are included in the rate. This may depend on the carriage conditions and vary from country to country. All details will be confirmed by your personal manager.
No, we do not require a booking fee. Our services are always included in the prices.
Yes. SeaRates has a flexible system of discounts available for active shippers and long-term customers.
Payments made via bank transfer take up to three bank days to process. You can always contact our Support Team with your bank receipt if there are any issues.
SeaRates does not require advance payment or deposit for making a booking. However, once the process of delivery begins standard SeaRates policies require you to pay 100% of the shipping fee. If you work with us on special terms or have an agreement with your personal manager, you can input your promo-code into the system for other payment terms and discounts.
Yes, it’s easy to cancel or change a booking in your virtual office at You can also contact your personal manager or our support team to cancel/change your booking.
As soon as you’ve completed the booking process, a confirmation page will appear. This page shows all of your booking details, including the booking number, so you can check your confirmation online in your virtual office at You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with all your booking information. A member of our support team will get in touch to step you through the shipping process.
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