Shipping line GSL

There are dreams so bold, so imaginative that one dares not dream them; and there are dreams that become reality. Gold Star Line is such a dream.

Its beginnings were modest - one ship, one line. Forty years separate the first sailing of the chartered general cargo vessel CLIVIA from Japan en route to Africa, and the variety of modern containerised services that we now operate between the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

Although we began with little experience and hardly any resources, we have managed to overcome hardships and challenges from stronger and more experienced opponents during those 40 years. We have built Gold Star Line with foresight, imagination, ambition and effort.

In recent years, shipping services have grown more difficult to differentiate than any other industry, and this trend will continue into the next millennium. Quality accreditation has become commonplace; and weekly, fixed-day services, fast transit times and reliable and puctual service have all become the norm where reputable companies are concerned.

The only remaining variable is the degree of personal and tailor-made service a company can offer to meet the needs of individual clients. In past years, a lot of importance was placed on shipping companies. whilst they obviously still play a key role in today's market, the fact cannot be overlooked that without the customer there will be no carrier.

It is therefore not surprising that Gold Star Line's motto throughout its history has always been "personalised, tailor-made service". But in today's competitive environment, the effort required of each one of us to provide this is even bigger, and to grow further we must maintain the same imaginative, creative and dynamic approach.