Shipping line KMTC 50

Shipping line KMTC

Five Decades of Service

Since it's establishment in 1954, KMTC is the leading Korean marine transportation company. With more than a half century of full liner service logistics knowledge, KMTC is continuously providing top quality services and is steadily building it's vessel fleets to enlarge it's service boundries to fully satisfy customer's needs.

Provision of best service

KMTC's top priority is to maintain punctual schedules. On top of that, in order to meet customer's complicated needs, integrated marine computer service management system was developed and utilized throughout the whole network. Undoubtly, these lines of efforts were fully recognized in 2006 by the 'Fairplay',Great Britain's reputated marine press, when it surveyed world liners' punctuality in 23 different West/East, North/South routes consisting of 3,300 motor vessels. With unprecedented 91% of punctuality schedule maintenance, KMTC, received first place award. We tightly maintain vessel fleets' operation conditions to it's best performance, and all efforts are thrown to achieve most safe journeys. These efforts were crucial in obtaining two straight years of "No Casulties or Disasters at Work" despite the newly enforced government.

Global Logistics Network

KMTC has offices in Busan, Incheon, Ulsan, Daegu in Korea, more than 30 ports in Japan from northen most Hokkaido to southern most Kyushu, from northern most Dalian to southern most Hong Kong, KMTC has logistics networks of more than 16 ports in China. There are more than 22 global networks in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. More than 9 ports global networks are set up in the Northwest Asia and Middle East. Also in order to carry our efficient container handling and vessel operations, we have acquired Ulsan Container Terminal in port of Ulsan in 1999. In the year 2012, 840,000㎡ Busan New Port 2-3 terminal is to be opened to further enhance KMTC's efficient cargo operations.

Certified Integrated Logistics Company

In the year 2006, KMTC has established optimal logistics network to optimize logistics services and in the process "Certified Integrated Logistics Company" certification was awarded. With up-to-date logistics system setup, global logistics network and half a century of accumulated logistics knowhow KMTC plans to further strengthen integrated logistics service capacity.