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Load Calculator is a web-based application created to optimize the stuffing of goods inside a truck or container. Integrate advanced stuffing software into your website and explore comprehensive loading planning features at your disposal in a few clicks.

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Load optimizing in 6 steps

Simply enter your cargo or packaging details, and our stuffing calculator algorithm will deal with the rest! Export all data on the maximum permissible container load with your stuffing details.


Step 1: Select package type

Utilize the safe load calculator for 4 main types of packages: boxes/crates, big bags, barrels (any round objects), and sacks.

Step 2: Input the parameters

Clarify dimensions, weight, and quantity for each item or packaging in user-friendly SeaRates loading software. For your convenience, check out the 3D load calculator scheme with different colors for all your items loaded.

Step 3: Find palletizing option

If your stuffing implies obligatory or optional positioning on pallets, our cargo weight calculator estimates the pallets for your items. You can select this function and input the sizes of pallets for optimal disposition.

Step 4: Select transport mode

Our loading optimization software is available for both container and truck options. Choose among standard preset sizes, or load your cargo with customizable vehicle sizes.

Step 5: Define transport unit

You can choose the type of container or truck manually if you have special requirements, or leave it to the stuffing optimization software for automatic selection.

Step 6: Get the result

SeaRates Online Container Loading & Stuffing Calculator in 3D provides you with a comprehensive summary of your stuffed cargo. Simply calculate the best way your cargo is loaded to determine which method is optimal for you.

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Web-integration of container Load Calculator

Interesting to provide complete logistics services with the weight limit calculator opportunity?

Integrate a convenient dimensional weight calculator for freight to allow your customers and wider audience to manage shipping costs and prepare supplies directly via your company’s website. Cover unique supply chain needs and keep on top, providing the freight weight calculator under your brand

Allow your audience to estimate their cargo dimensions and get a 3D scheme from your source's container and truck load calculator.

Instantly assist clients’ needs on how much weight can my truck hold, allowing them to determine truck capacity via an integrated payload calculator on your website.

Offer your customers an interactive marine cargo weight calculator to maintain the entire sea shipping process.

Ensure your customers’ stuffing leads to efficient loading and unloading operations in line with their cargo specifics by simply turning to the extensive truck and container loading calculator functionality.

Empower to calculate the cost-effective stuffing and profitable cargo carriage in containers and trucks with a cutting-edge weight distribution calculator.

Language localization

Web-integrated versions of our tools are fully customized to the language of your resource. Add the Load Calculator to your website and ensure your customers have a great experience with you as a local company.

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Unique load calculator features

Loading rules

Make your cargo into groups and customize the sequence of how you load. Start to gain profit from your supply chain with thoughtful planning and avoiding the overload penalty.


Apply for a container, truck, and trailer weight calculator to proceed with stuffing under your individual characteristics, such as weight capacity and dimensions.

Hexagonal positioning of round objects

Load your pipes and barrels for secure and profitable shipping. Save much space on hexagonal placement with a maximum weight calculator with axle distribution.

Customized palletizing

Ensure the cargo integrity by choosing a palletizing option. Choose from the best available types, or input your own pallet parameters.

Advanced stacking options

Adjust stacking levels for selected cargo by mass, height, and layer count. Make it easy to handle bulk cargo via our center of gravity calculator for trucks and containers.

Rich customization capabilities

Expand custom settings to your loads in the shipping weight calculator. Use multiple package types, such as boxes, big bags, sacks, barrels, rolls, pipes, and bulk for secure transportation. Enhanced your shipping, selecting from various transport modes, and obtaining prediction results.

Compressing/squeezing for soft cargoes

In the cubic weight calculator for shipping, simply select default measurement and weight units. Enhanced loading estimation by adding the needed margin to your loads if it allows flexible processing.

Detailed analytics and dynamic 3D view

Achieve full visibility with the 3D scheme of stuffing prediction for your cargo. Smart plan your loading/unloading processes via container and moving truck load calculator.

Export results

Save the calculation results to PDF and apply this comprehensive step-by-step loading plan from the axle weight calculator to streamline your warehouse operations and further logistics.

Axle load

If you need to plan loading properly for the road transport and intermodal delivery, either this is container or truck, distribute the loading settings with help of built-in axle weight calculator to get the perfect result in means of safety on road and penalty avoidance.

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