NDS Shipping line

NileDutch has served its customers' African shipping interests for over a quarter of a century. West Africa in particular, a destination of exceptional challenges, is our bread and butter.

All of us at NileDutch have gained extensive experience with the trading cultures and customs of the area. We are firmly committed to West Africa and take pride in offering our shippers and consignees more than just the best available solutions for their precious cargoes of all natures, time and again.

The flexible multipurpose/Ro-Ro vessels we deploy on our core deepsea routes are the most effective to operate at a wide range of different ports.

These ships have all the indispensable handling equipment and a well-trained staff on board to enable them to operate independently, regardless of shore-side constraints and always in the cargo owners' - your - best interests.

NileDutch, at home in West Africa, connects the region directly with Asia, Europe, South Africa and South America.