Shipping line TARROS

TARROS Group – A leader in intra Mediterranean shipping – was established in 1963, as a development of "Grendi since 1828", one of the oldest Italian shipping operators, owned by the Musso family. Tarros' aim was to design and build Ro-Ro container ships to be used on the route to Sardinia.

what we do
We carry containerized goods across the Mediterranean Sea.

who we are
A business reality which has been handed now with six generations experience, with a turnover of more than 80 million Euros and over 200 employees in La Spezia home port.

how we operate
Containerized sea transport is a business in the field of services with an intensive employment of capital. We use 8 container vessels with a capacity ranging from 200 to 1,200 teus. We have a container fleet of about 20,000 units, we run directly our container terminal in La Spezia: Terminal del Golfo SpA. Our partner Nora SpA has an inland depot of more than 80,000 sq.m. in Santo Stefano Magra for container storage, repair and maintenance. We are partners in several European and Mediterranean maritime agencies.

our philosophy
Multi-modal transport is the only world-wide solution for transporting general cargoes, according to the international standards. Container is the most used means of transport among different countries, it can be carried by different modes of transport: road, rail, ship. In this scenario we want our group to grow and offer to our customers complete "door to door" logistic services in a fast and reliable way.

our mission
We have been involved in unitized transport since 1963, when Tarros was founded, and therefore we contributed to develop containerisation in the Mediterranean Sea from the very beginning, operating container vessel since 1967. Due to our medium size structure we could not compete in a global market, so we "focused" our activity on a regional scale within the Mediterranean Sea. Considering that door-to-door transport requires a direct control on the whole transport chain, we developed our own terminal in La Spezia, and also alliances with local operators and entered into partnership with our agents in the main ports served.