Survey And Inspection Services

Survey is an important stage in cargo delivery, especially sea transport. The essence of the service is that forwarder’s specialists carefully inspect the transport, the cargo itself, the integrity of its packaging and other aspects that may affect safety.


Scope of survey services available within SeaRates

The range of services in this area is quite wide, because there are different transportation options, and the cargo may have different characteristics.

SeaRates logistics community provides the world coverage of the following services:

• Inspection of cargo, photographing, video filming as necessary.
• Examination by an independent expert. This is necessary in case of an insured event in the event of an accident.
• Control of the process of loading / unloading.
• Batch inspection before shipment.
• Securing cargo on the selected type of transport.
• Advisory services for the transport of dangerous goods of any type.
• Any assessment work regarding the condition of the cargo and the vehicle on which it is transported.
• The specific possibilities of the surveyor can be found by contacting us external-link and describing the type of cargo and the intended type of vehicle for transportation.

SeaRates is a marketplace where survey companies provide surveyor-expert and inspection services in the interests of its clients for over 10 years. Specialized Research and Production Enterprises offer more than a dozen different services, namely:

• Conducting laboratory studies of transport characteristics and properties of goods;
• Issuing IMO Certificate on transport characteristics of goods at the time of loading and IMO Declaration on cargo with recommendations for its safe sea and river transport;
• Expert inspection of the commodity prior to loading, determination of the cargo quality according to the terms of the sales contracts (control of labeling, packaging, inspection of the cargo for damage or deterioration);
• Determination of the cargo amount loaded on the vessel using the “DRAFT SURVEY” method, and also tally accounting of cargo;
• Issuing an expert opinion on the seaworthiness of the vessel and the compliance of its design and equipment with the characteristics of the transported goods;
• Issuing Acts of transport units survey;
• Development and issuing Certificates about packing of goods in containers or vehicles;
• Development of technical and technological safety measures related to the transport of dangerous goods, hazardous substances and pollutants - preparing Emergency cards;
• Examinating goods with the subsequent issuance of cargo radioactivity absence certificate;
• Surveyor inspection of scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the issuance of cargo explosion safety certificate;
• Functions of emergency commissioners - investigating the circumstances of accidents, giving an estimate of losses.

The activity of the Enterprises is highly appreciated in different countries.

For a significant contribution to the development of freight transportation technology, SeaRates companies are widely known on the professional side. offers cooperation to international organizations, experts and buyers of mineral fertilizers, agricultural products, metal and any other products, ensuring complete safety and stable delivery.

Specialized survey and inspection companies at SeaRates are on watch of shipping safety, secure transportation of goods, and, accordingly, to protect the interests of SeaRates customers.