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IT shipping solutions

Beautiful & effective custom applications designed to increase your sales and control your shipments. We offer ready-made solutions or your personal developments.

Sea Transportations

We are the team of professionals with great experience in the field of sea transportation. For many years, we are at the top of our business, as indicated by our reputation worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies for shipping

We implement cryptocurrencies that enable instant payments for shipping anywhere in the world. Whether it’s freight, storage or even an insurance, it can be paid online. In 2018 significant part of the market will be turned to digital payments.

Flexible bonuses and discounts

SeaRates offers various discounts for regular shipments and increased volumes. Every booking makes you more eligible for better deals and unique partnership opportunities.

Reliable freight forwarding & quality control

We only allow the most trustworthy logistics service providers to work with our platform. Moreover, SeaRates takes full responsibility for all our shipping done internationally.


VIP Shippers Club

Integrates instant international freight pricing from leading freight forwardes


Connect with the biggest independent agent network and receive best possible up-to-date offers for cargo delivery by any type of transport of place.


Instantly calculate prices and container/truck load with our modern apps, which could be customized specially for your needs.


Add your products to promote and sell them using different SeaRates services, including focused advertisement on shipping/trading websites.

Count how many items are stuffed into container/truck/wagon

Load Calculator API

Determine the best way of loading mixed size products onto vehicles and containers SeaRates Load Calculator is the most useful Load Planning application currently on the market.

How do we support this bold statement? Easy. It can load more, calculate faster and is very easy to use! On top of all that, this tool offers more loading options than any other equivalent in existence.

Why SeaRates?

Tracking in real-time

Your SeaRates dashboard shows the location of your cargo at every step of its way, either by plate, booking or document number.

24/7 Support

Have some technical problems or work process questions? Our multilanguage support team will do their best to adjust and speed up your workflow. We are interested in success of each of our partners.

Clear pricing

Pricing on our Platform is simple and all-inclusive. No hidden payments, and post factum invoices.

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