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Use one online platform to sell shipping rates to anyone, anywhere - with your ecommerce back-office on SeaRates which is a leading worldwide marketplace for freight forwarders, NVOCCs and other logistics providers.

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Logistics Explorer

Logistics Explorer - powerful solution to transform your website into online-booking system, which can work simultaneously with over 1000 customers 24/7 and expand your geography to the new markets by sea, air, road and rail. The service allows you to earn on your own tariffs and on the tariffs of your partners.

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Multi Tracking

It is the advanced version of Cargo Tracking System which allows you to monitor and manage multiple shipments in one place. For example you are an exporter of grains and you ship to several countries - now you can see every shipments status at once on the map, with detailed information about every lot. For carriers this app contains an integrated Route Planner feature, which allows them to fulfill the missing information for their customers.

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Our Apps

Unique and powerful apps for international shipping SeaRates has everything you need to build shipping strategy on your site and start selling online. As an ecommerce solution provider, we will help you to enhance your sales & marketing, whether you are importer, exporter, or a transport company. It only takes a few minutes to integrate our apps into your website and start implementing delivery service around the world. We provide six of professionally designed apps, which allow you to process all your shipping matters.

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documents in seconds

The worlds simplest way to generate shipping documents to customers: invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates and so on. Save time, stay organized and look professional!

For importers, exporters, traders, freight forwarders, transport and logistics companies.

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Load Calculator

Help your customers to determine the best way of loading mixed size products. Show them a 3D image with the optimal positioning of goods inside a container or truck.

API Solutions

Freight Calculator

Offer customers flexibility when transporting cargo. Use this application to select the best route and shipping mode that will meet all customer requirements.

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for International trade

International export and import market, as B2B, needs to be followed by many different documents, and price offer (sales proposal) - is the first of them. High quality and professional design can be a final cut for a deal with buyer, when all other product parameters fit. SeaRates template system allows you to effectively work with templates and presets of different types of documents, such as invoices, packing lists, shipping instructions, certificates etc.

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Save time and money using freight forwarding services of the digital era fueled by over 12-years of experience combined with the unique IT solutions, cloud and mobile technologies, which makes SeaRates the one-stop-shop for any delivery.