Shipping line CP SHIPS

Over the past 40 years, container shipping has been the facilitator of the huge expansion of international trade, has helped redefine global sourcing and manufacturing and dramatically expanded consumer choice at minimal cost to the consumer. Today container shipping cargo is 40 times greater than air freight. Container shipping has become the key driver of today's just-in-time, low inventory strategy used by the world's major manufacturers and retailers, a strategy that could not be realized without efficient, easy-to-use and low-cost door-to-door transportation systems.

CP Ships manages such systems. We move a broad spectrum of cargo through a network of closely coordinated ocean and inland transportation links across global trade lanes. In most trades, our ship schedules are preset for fixed days of the week. Inland service partners, rail, truck and barge specialists who have worked closely with us for years coordinate their schedules with the arrivals and departures of our ships. CP Ships takes responsibility for the entire door-to-door movement, offering competitive pricing across the intermodal chain. Dedicated staff control the ocean and inland journeys of thousands of containers on any given day. They depend on integrated information systems to efficiently document, invoice and track cargo movements, which added to strong personal relationships, ensures that customer expectations are met. Because of its efficiency, reliability and speed, the door-to-door containerized transportation system has become the principal way to move exports and imports around the world.