Ship Schedules API

Every day the volume of data on deliveries is growing and more than 10 million changes are occurring in the ship schedules. How to keep up with these changes? How to control delivery routes and the transit time from port to port?

SeaRates Ship Schedules is designed to help you plan your shipments and ensure your business’s transparency. We collected data on all shipping lines and services in one tool. Improve your business and integrate the Ship Schedules API into any platform.

Ship Schedule API

API Data-On-Demand

  • Get the amount of data you query.
  • Get the latest updates from our developers.
  • Query any data from anywhere at any time.
  • Get information about sailing schedules and tariffs on-line and then book cargo for shipment.
  • Find your desired vessel schedule or voyage.


Inmarsat-based tracking technology with AIS
and data from the shipping lines
Ship schedules by vessel, by routing,
by port, by the carrier.
Vessel schedules online in real-time
Cargo ship voyages details
Data on the ocean schedules

Schedules API

Getting started with the Ship Schedules API

  • Send a request to our managers for obtaining API Documentation.
  • Pay a subscription to the tool and get an access key.
  • Integrate Ship Schedules API into your platforms.

Plan container bookings or analyze vessel movements and transit time with the Ship Schedules API. The most comprehensive sailing schedule database on your platform.