Shipping line BULCON

Navigation Maritime Bulgare (Navibulgar) is the successor to a shipping company established in 1892. Until August 14, 2008 the company was the biggest State Ship Owning Company with over a century-old tradition and experience in the shipping industry. Presently, being a private company with 70% German - Bulgarian capital, 116 years inheritance and adopting the principles of a private key market player, Navigation Maritime Bulgare has an even stronger position in Bulgaria and on the international scene.

Member of:

  • The Bulgarian Delegation at the meetings of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • ICS
  • ISF
  • The Club 9000 Association
  • Bulgarian Association of Shipowners
  • ECSA
  • a shareholder in INMARSAT and ICO - Teledesic Global Ltd.


NAVIBULGAR employs over 2,000 qualified staff, most of whom are directly involved in the Company shipping operations. The continuous improvement of the personnel qualification has always been among the Company top priorities and it is implemented through a daughter company, Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre. This modern centre, fully equipped with simulators and other training facilities, delivers comprehensive training programmes for Bulgarian and overseas seafarers. The administration and operational staff follow the principle of Long Life Learning, which is a guarantee for the quality of the services offered.

Environmental responsibility

NMB has developed programs and standards for environmental protection and the usage of environmental friendly technologies in accordance to MARPOL, ISM and ISO. It is the company primary obligation to abide to those international rules and regulations and make its contribution to preserving our nature.