Tracking System API

Easily track your cargo by booking number, container number, or bill of lading number with our user-friendly tracking tool. Get access to tracking data from more than 160 shipping lines.

TrackingSystem TrackingSystem TrackingSystem

Have a unique tracking system

Ocean visibility

Get complete shipment information: current container location, all the related events, ETA, predictive ETA, and more.

Superior data quality

SeaRates integrates multiple data sources to provide accurate and trustworthy international ocean freight information.

Global outreach

Boost your brand with a Branded Page and offer your customers superior service to increase customer engagement and promote your business globally.

DFA Premium add-in

Gain access to the tracking module and use it as a lead generation tool by becoming a premium member of DFA.

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your shipping process

Track your containers easily by grouping them into folders and naming them according to their BL number or booking number. With this feature, you can keep your containers in your dashboard and manage them from anywhere anytime. Additionally, you can upload a file containing a list of your containers and receive the results in a variety of convenient formats, including .txt, .xlsx, .csv, .doc, .pages, and .xls.

Web integration and API

Offer your customers the convenience of tracking their shipments directly on your website, without the need to navigate to other sources. Gain easy access to shipping data from major carriers and enhance your company's services by integrating Tracking System features as an API in any system to provide up-to-date shipping information to your customers.

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Install it on your website

Demonstrate to customers that your company is really top-level. Today only the largest companies and shipping lines own tracking on their sites, but now you no longer have to refer to other sources. We offer our developments help.

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