Shipping line SASCO

SASCO (Sakhalin Shipping Company, a joint stock company) is one of the biggest Russian shipping companies. SASCO vessels, most of which ice-classed, are able to carry wide range of cargoes, including containers, general, bulk, timber and other cargoes. SASCO is the only Company providing actually a year round sea cargo transportation from De-Kastri, Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan ports.

SASCO is the main Russian domestic carrier; by 2000, SASCO was performing two thirds of all Russian domestic sea carriages. SASCO remains one of major export and import cargo carriers on Russian Far East. SASCO vessels have visited virtually every port of Asian-Pacific Region.

SASCO priority goal now is to provide cargo owners with most convenient routes and delivery terms. SASCO container and ferry lines operate for that purpose, too: Busan-Korsakov-Vanino line, Vanino-Magadan line, Vanino-Petropavlovsk line, Vanino-Kholmsk line and Otaru-Kholmsk line. Involvement of logistics and forwarders as well as agreements with major ocean carriers actually allows SASCO to arrange worldwide "door-to-door" delivery.

SASCO ferry fleet performs carriages of railway wagons, trucks and trailers. Ferries are part of multimode carriage, which can save time and monies for cargo owners since ferries do not require port stevedoring.

SASCO is a member of BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) and Union of Russian Shipowners.

The main type of SASCO services is transportation of cargoes and passengers. The transportation is basically arranged by SASCO own fleet. Cargo transportation is arranged by SASCO both on a regular basis in form of regular ferry and container lines and on a one-time basis, in form of tramp carriages. Transportation of passengers is now arranged, mainly on regular SASCO ferry line Vanino-Kholmsk. All SASCO vessels are covered by P&I Club insurance which is an extra guarantee for cargo owners and passengers interests.

Regular lines work is now SASCO' priority goal, since this work procedure allows to meet demand of a number of small size and midsize entrepreneurs, whose operation scope cannot afford tramp carriages which, in turn, are destined for full ship cargo transportation. 'Sakhalin' type ferries, being a part of SASCO fleet, allow the Company, alongside with traditional container lines, to offer its customers more convenient services for wide range of cargo transportation.