Shipping line Evergreen 6

Shipping line Evergreen

Since its establishment by Dr Yung-Fa Chang on 1 September 1968, Evergreen Marine Corp (EMC) has secured its place in shipping history. Since those early days, it has not only survived, but positively thrived on hard-work and perseverance, until today it boasts a fleet of over 100 container vessels. Both in terms of the magnitude of its fleet and its cargo loading capacity, EMC ranks among the world's leading international shipping companies.

But it was not built overnight. In 1975 when the energy crisis hit the world and the shipping industry slumped, EMC had innovative yet practical ideas about how to shape the future and it boldly launched its containership project. With a newly-built fleet of containerships, it started a full container service for the routes linking the Far East with the US West Coast. EMC's fleet of containerships was the first such fleet for Taiwan.

In 1984, EMC made another pioneering move with the launch of the east-west full container service across the world. Its ships sailed throughout the continents of Asia, Europe and the Americas. This move established Evergreen as second to none in the provision of economical and convenient transportation services for global industries.

With more than 240 service locations, EMC covers more than 80 countries with its shipping network. Evergreen's network includes several east-west routes linking southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Korea and Japan with the east and west coasts of the US. It also provides services from Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia to Europe and the Mediterranean. EMC's containerships link Asia with South Africa and South America and Europe with the east coast of the US and are deployed on a range of intensive sailing routes throughout Asia. They travel to India, the Middle East and the Red Sea, as well as sailing on the north-south route linking Asia with Australia. Evergreen provides a full container service linking the east coast of the US with the east coast of South America and Panama with the west coast of South America. Besides the main routes, regular feeder services in the Caribbean and the Indian subcontinent are also provided, shortening delivery times and thereby benefiting cargo owners.

To meet a growing demand for the global transportation of raw and fresh goods, Evergreen has employed brand-new micro computer-controlled reefer containers to ensure a professional transportation service that guarantees the safe delivery of perishables for cargo owners. This service, for the past 10 years, has gone far inland throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and Australia and has established a strong reputation.

In recent times, Evergreen Marine Corp has enthusiastically entered into strategic alliances with its shipping counterparts through slot charters, slot exchanges and joint services. These strategies work well for all parties involved, not only in that they offer a more extensive service network for cargo owners, but also because they improve operational performance. On top of that, Evergreen has invested and built container terminals to expand the functions of terminal utilization. The best examples of this include the 5th Container Center at Kaohsiung in Taiwan, Colon Container Terminal in Panama and Taranto container terminal in Italy. In doing this, the operational efficiency of vessels at terminals has increased, while the associated costs have reduced.

To ensure the safe sailing of its vessels and to prevent casualties and pollution at sea, Evergreen established the Evergreen Seafarer Training Center in 1999. It is equipped with the world's largest Main Engine Quarter Scale Model, the world's third NORCONTROL Engine Room Simulator and a 360 degree Projection Theater Bridge Simulator. Apart from the brand-new, state-of-the-art hardware training facilities, the center also provides medical training and computer-aided instruction. It aims to train seafarers to take a professional approach to achieving the missions of sea-shipping transportation: human safety, vessel safety and cargo safety. In recognition of its efforts in this arena, Evergreen was awarded the Lloyd's List Maritime Excellence Award for Commitment to Training and Education in 2003.

In the age of the new economy, which brings with it speed, efficiency and knowledge, the application of internet technology is the key to success. Evergreen works hard to stay at the forefront of technology trends and has developed comprehensive digital systems which give it a command of market situations. It has launched numerous e-business services by integrating the information systems of all service sites as well as those of its suppliers. Electronic sailing schedules allow customers to search for services by port or region and provide them with up-to-date information on departures and arrivals. Cargo tracking gives them detailed, real-time shipment information and they are able to upload their bill of lading online. In 2003, Evergreen was awarded the first annual award for E-commerce Excellence by LOG-NET which honors its outstanding E-commerce service.