At SeaRates, we consider the intellectual property, ideas and trademarks of others and claim all users and visitors or SeaRates.com do the same. We reserve the right to fight offenders actions, block or suspend their accounts in the event of unauthorized copying of ideas and technologies created in SeaRates, using original texts and other materials from SeaRates.com.


SeaRates Copyright and Intellectual Property

Before you start using the SeaRates.com website and any materials, applications or technologies provided by SeaRates and its representatives, any user or visitor to the site gives 100% acceptance of these terms and conditions and is responsible in accordance with legal regulations, and also agrees to be held accountable. tangible or intangible, for any violation of these provisions.

You have no right to use SeaRates logo, visual designs, any content, any screenshots from our website, nor layouts of our tools and pages without our clear eligible written confirmation.

You have no right to repeat the functionality, branding, naming of SeaRates products and services.

Any unauthorized usage of mentioned SeaRates materials is to be financially covered in the amount of 2% of your business annual revenue, but not less than USD 10,000.

Cases of infringement will not go away if you ignore them. Rather, it will escalate to litigation in which our lawyers may seek your profits from the Offending Use(s) (see 17 U.S.C. §504), or statutory damages in an amount up to USD 150,000 in connection with the infringement at issue, as well as costs and attorney fees, assuming timely registration Id at §505. Moreover, 17 U.S.C. §1203(c)(3) permits us to “recover an award of statutory damages for each violation of Section 1202 in the sum of not less than USD 2,500 or more than USD 25,000.” And under the relevant authorities, each copy or reproduction would be a separate violation. We will seek such damages through litigation should every matter not be appropriately resolved.

According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, published on the U.S. Copyright Office website at http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf, we will immediately react on possible copyright infringement committed using SeaRates materials, applications or technologies in accordance with the established procedure and international law.

Any content, materials, texts, applications and technologies related to copyright and intellectual property of SeaRates, present and past, are confirmed at least by the presence on the website of the Internet Archive https://archive.org/web/web.php or https://web.archive.org with dates or time intervals in real-time online, as well as other material and digital evidence, so that anyone can ascertain the primacy of the announcement and use of technology, even without patents or international trademarks. The presence of this evidence is indisputable evidence in all legal instances and is a sufficient condition for the accusation of using the copyright and intellectual property of SeaRates, which is officially documented or not documented in accordance with the laws of any State.

If found, a report of alleged SeaRates copyright infringements occurring on other sites is immediately sent to the DMCA of the Alleged violation, and a warning message is sent to the violator via email or other verifiable means. After receiving the Notification, the offender must immediately take any actions, in order to remove the disputed material from their sites, applications or other sources that are in open or closed access, as well as to fulfill any other requirements of SeaRates according to the subject of the violation.


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