Rates Search Engine

$999 One time payment
Search a freight quote to compare shipping rates & services instantly. Choose from various options, book online and other logistics helpful options.

Load Calculator

$449 One time payment
Container loading calculator is an application that is intended to compute and to place some goods into container and make their position to be fit / loaded and optimized. The program will display how the goods are positioned within a container.

Distances & Time

$399 One time payment
Use this distance and time apps to plot the shortest route and its distance between two points anywhere on the earth (sea routes are included). In other words, the distance between A and B.

Logistic Route Planner

$550 One time payment
This system was developed for carriers and freight forwarders who want to provide their customers with something more than the basic information.

Sea Lines Explorer

$399 One time payment
Searching for the list of companies that own and operate the container ships between two sea ports.

Container Tracking

$499 One time payment
The tracking system allows us to define the current position of the container on the world map and determines the port and the time spent in port of congestion. To track the location of the container, you must specify its number. The result will be displayed on the map showing the current location of the container.
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