SeaRates Updates - Week 5-8, 2019

The beginning of February was marked by a lot of events in the world of international transportations. We are witnessing a growing number of companies and startups going to digital logistics and trying to create and develop new level solutions for their customers. Is it good for the market as a whole? Certainly yes. It is now clear to all that the world is changing, becoming more transparent, less space for lies, and particularly in the field of transportation, which is certainly good for the economy and the growth of well-being.

If we talk about the dynamics of online-bookings in early February it decreased by about 15%, due to the beginning of the Chinese New Year, well, as it happens every year. China continues to maintain some of the highest rates of economic growth and influence on the world trade.

If you missed the previous release of updates - read it here.

New Multi-Tracking system

Due to the growing demand of customers for the online cargo tracking service, our developers are seriously engaged in adding new features to the classic Container Tracking.

The most important innovation was the ability to track all of the shipments at once under one account. This is very convenient if you are doing business with several countries, and the flow of goods exceeds one container per month.

The system works fine both from the browser and from the mobile device.

To view more detailed information about the cargo-click on it and see the entire chronology of events, and the scaling of the map will happen automatically.

It is also convenient that when you select a particular shipment, a link is generated in the browser bar, which can be shared with the right users.

And of course the notification system. At each event change the cargo owner receives an email notification about the status of his/her shipment.

If you are interested in subscribing to this product or installing to your site, please write to us at [email protected]

Documents in tracking

At the request of users we have implemented the document binding function for each shipment. That's right-now in the Tracking module both shipper and their carrier (forwarder) will be able to view relevant documents (Bill of lading, packing list, invoice, certificates, etc.).

You can add as many documents as you want and keep it always at hand. Since all SeaRates systems are cloud-based it will be easy to do with a smartphone. Even if you are on the road, but you urgently need to send preliminary copies of documents to Customs to prepare the declaration, just make a few clicks, and documents for the goods are at your disposal without unnecessary copying and movement between devices.

Of course, all this works exclusively on your account and your carrier's account, so you should not be afraid of data security.

Personal access codes in tracking

Another extension that allows users who subscribe to a service or integrate it into their site to create custom codes that enable them to access tracking information and documents. In most cases, this possibility is necessary for freight forwarders and transport companies, which serve their customers and should quickly provide information. On such personal code the client can see information about his/her cargo and work with documents even without subscription to the service.

Delivery of parcels

Both in air and in road transport, especially when it concerns delivery within the country or courier services, logisticians and carriers have to work with cargoes weighing up to 50 kg. This is a special category of cargoes, the carriage of which is difficult to calculate in mass delivery options, such as container, wagon, full trucks, etc. such small consignments (and most often it is non-commerical cargoes) do not fit even in Consolidation Services LCL/LTL/LWL or do not match the profitability of delivery.

What do you do then? Services of couriers and local carriers, having more detailed tariffing per kilogram, and depending on the sizes of packing come to help. Now we have added this feature to the platform. In the menu of choosing the type of trucking is enough to choose "parcels" and the system will apply the appropriate rate from point A to point B.

In the Carrier’s Virtual Office the addition of such tariffs occurs in the corresponding section of the menu:

If you use combined transport in air transportations (for example truck+air+truck), the system will apply such tariff automatically if volumetric weight of cargo is less than 45 kg.

Also watch the video on this topic to best understand how it works, and effectively use it for your business:

New booking form

As it was already possible to notice, we have updated the interface of booking the price. When you select a specific delivery option, the system groups each stage of transportation and briefly shows a summary of each of them. By ticking the necessary components of delivery, you can choose which services are needed (and to define the option "from Port to Port", "door to Door", etc.).

When you select Book Now, you will see the window with the last step before creating the booking, where you will only enter the contact information.

If you have doubts before creating a booking, you are confused by anyhting or questions remain - you can press Start Chat button and initiate correspondence with the carrier directly from the same window to clarify any missing information. Try it yourself.

To install the platform on your site, and simultaneously display your company in our community, please contact us at [email protected]

Advertising of logistics companies on the platform

This is specifically about the promotion on sites,,, and Our independent partners who have installed the Logistics Explorer platform to their site, continue to sell the services of their company online.

We are expanding the possibilities of integration of transport companies and strengthening our cooperation with independent forwarders in different countries by promoting services and companies on our website.

Almost all partners could receive our newsletter that customers will now be able to see the company with which they plan to carry their cargo. Targeting is configurable depending on the country from which the user enters. This promotion concerns both the first page and the platform itself.

And as previously shown, the customer has the opportunity to contact the provider before creating a booking, and discuss all the necessary details of transportation, or to get additional information.

To become part of our community and to bring your company to the websites,, и - you can write to us at [email protected]

SeaRates LPI Freight Forwarders ratings

A system that importers and exporters have long sought and waited for. Each company involved in international trade is always looking for ways to minimize the cost of transportation, especially considering that this is the area where the more expensive does not mean better. If you do not remain vigilant in the search for "cheaper" then you can head to the unreliable company or worse, the scam, which is a huge amount on the Internet. Therefore, everyone wants to know as much as possible details about the carrier, which will entrust the cargo, and in particular what experience have other customers had.

In order to improve the quality of service, our team has developed a rating system to serve customers as a benchmark of reliability. Now every booking made by the client online and performed by the forwarder can be evaluated and will go to the future rating of the company. The rating is formed on the 4th main indicators:

  • Competitive price

  • Quality of services provided

  • Personal and technical support

  • Additional services

Read more about the indicators and their components in an earlier article.

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