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Extensive e-commerce platform that allows you to sell shipping rates anywhere online via thousands of websites.

#1 e-commerce Platform for selling rates, exchanging information and attracting new customers all over the world.

Digital network of forwarders allows you to sell more of your services and resell others in more than 200 countries.

Now even a small forwarding company can provide services at the level of a real shipping line or higher.

Sell your rates and services on thousands of sites of other carriers

Add your rates and services to the system and they will instantly appear on your partners’ Platforms.

Hundreds of logistics and international trading companies are already connected to Logistics Explorer. You won’t spend a single penny for advertising anymore because everyone is interested to promote and resell your rates & services.

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Equip your site with the #1 logistics application.

Instantly receive and display rates and services for transportation around the world right on your website, and then resell them with your commission. Transcend boundaries and cover the whole world.

Fast and easy website integration, customizable design and functionality, 24/7 technical support - we have constructed our cooperation in a manner that is convenient, modern and effective

It doesn’t matter If you are a supplier, buyer or a logistics provider

Make profit on handling the associated shipping and logistics services.

Forwarder? Your customers want to find a highly efficient tool on your website - and return again and again for indicative calculations and potential bookings.

Exporter? Your potential buyers need to know shipping costs together with the product price - and they will find it in one place, by any type of transport, on any Incoterms. Increase your site’s ratings, reputation, relevance and customer satisfaction level.

Increase your site’s ratings, reputation, relevance and customer satisfaction levels.

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International Dropshipping

Add value to your site with the help of a service that your competitors can not offer.

Dropshipping is a really profitable and quickly growing sector of online business. Run it to promote and sell the products of your customers - this is the best way to become the only favorite carrier for large companies or private clients.

Advertise products for Real Buyers using information from a modern logistics network around the world

  • Add products or let your clients do it
  • Customize your product showcase
  • Manage product list according to popular routes
  • Use filters and navigation
  • Exchange useful information with your partners
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Services that became available only with Logistics Explorer

Now you can offer directly on your website or within the system:

  • combined sea, air, rail and road transportation
  • available containers and backloads
  • open vessels, wagons and trucks positions
  • distance and time calculations
  • accurate product category search

Use your Virtual Office to manage bookings, shipments, commissions, partners, etc. whilst making incredible savings on time and money.