The Next Stage of Online-Cargo Tracking Evolution

More than half of the world's population today already have mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems. This clearly shows the growth potential of mobile devices and applications that should always be at hand. In the business environment, especially in logistics, the number of smartphone users is confidently striving for 100%, which means that if you are a carrier and your company is not on the screen of your client’s smartphone, then something goes wrong. The ability to track your cargo is one of the first basic requirements set by the client.

Your own mobile cargo tracking app

We announce the simplest and most reliable tracking system that will inform your customers about the location of their cargo on your website or mobile app.

Tracking works in both manual and automatic mode. The app is fully customizable under corporate style of the customer. 

In automatic mode, you can load data from shipping lines, airlines or any other tracking systems that can be further integrated into your website or mobile application.

In manual mode, using the Route Planner system, you can draw a route and set the schedule for the movement of cargo along this route, fulfilling it with comments for your client.

Why is it important? Because your customer will always receive excellent service. This will not depend on your subcontractors, who often do not have tracking or it is not yet integrated into your system.

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