SeaRates Updates - Week 1, 2021

If you missed our previous update, you can read them here

Ship Schedules

We have added filters for POL and POD to streamline results. 

The schedules will prioritize exact route matches quickly and the direct directions will be loaded before alternative results. 

You will also soon be able to share a specific schedule’s link with other users.

Adding Rates

We have added a functionality and you can now easily add your FCL Port fees and charges on the Virtual Office through an excel file. 

Tracking System

This week, we’ve made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines such as Hyundai, ZIM, Hapag-Lloyd, OOCL.

All previous errors related to a container search for any of these shipping lines have now been fixed.

Updates Pending

Virtual Office

You can add commissions to all your rates and different transportation modes in your Virtual Office now.

Logistics Explorer

The filter function has been updated to allow you more time to edit your preferences without the page automatically refreshing. 

We will also be adding a tooltip that will show notifications when you hover your cursor over it.

Search rates

Redesign of Cargo Wizard

We have a design update coming soon so you can accurately track every step. 

At the first stage, you can create a list of your most frequent products and work with them on a regular basis. Define each product with detailed information including weight, size, volume, Incoterms and place of origin for shipping.

You can now also choose between container or truck as the mode of transport, whether the stuffing of the container should be manual or automatic, and if you want to add pallets for your cargo. 

For the next stage, you can calculate optimal cargo location with the integrated Load Calculator

The goods’ characteristics are taken automatically, which means you can work with the finished base and you don’t have to manually enter the parameters for every new shipment.

Regardless of how the buyer placed an order, you can determine the best loading plan and, if necessary, receive step-by-step loading instructions. This can help eliminate overpayments for additional containers or vehicles.

For the final stage, the Cargo Wizard uses the API of Logistics Explorer. You can calculate the tentative freight cost for each customer’s destination, and check the cost with and without customs clearance. This calculation can be used to make an offer to a potential buyer on various Incoterms.

This sheet helps you calculate an export price in your own currency. Fill in the spreadsheet and calculate your selling prices based on the chosen Incoterm. You can also build estimates of your distributors' margins and determine the approximate export selling price of your products.

We invite you to join our open group for communication on international transport activities, as well as our Telegram channel for shipping innovations and industry updates.

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