Load Calculator

Web application to calculate loading of your goods into a container or a truck in the most optimal way


Step-by-step guide will allow you to make the stuffing optimization process more efficient and fast. Whether you have palletized cargo, round objects or anything else - you will cope with that easily.


We are ready to comprehence your needs in regards to the specifics of your loads/cargoes/sizes and way of stuffing, as well as customize the interface to provide you complete individual solution.


With the new API, SeaRates empowers you to include our calculation processing power directly into your website. IFRAME is also available it more easy to be used in our interface by all your team.

Just fill the cargo details and our load calculation algorithm will do the rest! You can even export your loading results to save and edit them in the future

Just 6 steps

Load Calculator

Select Transport Mode

Stuffing optimization is available for both container or truck options, with standard preset sizes as well as customizable sizes of the vehicle.

Load Calculator

Select the Package Type

Load Calculator supports 4 main types of packages, such as boxes/crates, big bags, barrels or other round objects and sacks.

Load Calculator

Palletizing Option

If your stuffing implies obligatory or optional positioning the cargo on pallets, you can select this function and input the sizes of pallets for optimal disposition.

Load Calculator

Define Transport Unit

You can choose the type of container or truck manually if you have special requirements, or leave it to the system for automatic selection.

Load Calculator


See the summary of your packages to be stuffed and exclude certain rotations if needed.

get the result

Load Calculator Result

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review author

Cheng Wilson

We at DHL need to solve high-end problems for our customers and deliver the added value solutions to support our global brand. SeaRates Load Calculator is a perfect solution for simplifying container and truck stuffing

Jessica Brian

US market requirements are among the highest in the world, which forces us to save time on routine calculations and bring complex solutions and accurate information to our customers to stay on top. SeaRates Stuffing Calculators helps to make it real.

Lyle de Groot

Ixport is a SaaS trading platform that helps SME’s export easily. The Load Calculator helps our customers with their challenges of working out complex container configurations with not much effort at all.