Load Calculator

Load Calculator is a web-based application created to optimize the stuffing of goods inside the truck or container. Simply add parameters of your cargo and get a step-by-step loading plan at your disposal In a few clicks.


Just 6 steps

Just fill the cargo details and our load calculation algorithm will do the rest! You can even export
your loading results to save and edit them
in the future







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Select Transport Mode

Stuffing optimization is available for both container or truck options, with standard preset sizes as well as customizable sizes of the vehicle.

Select Transport Mode

Select Package Type

Load Calculator supports 4 main types of packages, such as boxes/crates, big bags, barrels or other round objects and sacks.

Select Packag Type

Input the Parameters

For every item or type of package you should indicate the dimensions, weight and quantity. For visual convenience, every item will have its own color, which you can also choose manually

Cargo parameters

Palletizing Option

If your stuffing implies obligatory or optional positioning the cargo on pallets, you can select this function and input the sizes of pallets for optimal disposition.

Select equipment for cargo loading

Define Transport Unit

You can choose the type of container or truck manually if you have special requirements, or leave it to the system for automatic selection.

Container list


See the summary of your packages to be stuffed and exclude certain rotations if needed.


get the result

Load Calculator is available in 3 options of use: on SeaRates website with unlimited access, web-integration on customer's website under white label and API solution. Contact [email protected] for more details.

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