Online Tracking System - A Simple Way To Provide A High Level Of Service To Customers

The transport business is becoming increasingly risky due to high competition. Not everyone understands that quality customer service is essentially a sale. Why? Yes, because good service will make a customer come to you more often and buy more from you. However, most of the freight forwarders try not to waste time on after-sales service, considering the transaction completed. That is why their sites are not equipped with even the most needed tool for shippers - tracking system.

On the contrary, you will always find the “Track a Shipment" feature on the websites of shipping lines and the largest freight forwarders (DB SCHENKER, DAMCO, DHL ...). It is this functionality that provides them with 2/3 of the site’s regular visitors. Today we propose to deprive them of this advantage by installing the most advanced tracking system on any website.

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Cargo tracking

The container tracking system allows you to determine the current position of containers on the world map. We have created a shipment tracking system that will simplify the work of exporters, importers and carriers to the maximum. It works with all major shipping lines, and displays not only textual information, but also shows the exact location of the cargo on the map. In addition, it allows you to conveniently work with documents. Now we will show you how this happens and why this system will be appreciated by your customers.

Seacargo Tracking is a useful tool for working with clients in the field of logistics services. It points out your company as a technologically advanced one and takes care of after-sales customer service.

However, few people realize that tracking containers is also an effective marketing advantage, Plan A for intercepting customers on the Internet. That is why the largest companies and shipping lines, such as Maersk, MSC, CMA-CGM etc., which understand the importance of this decision, set the tracking on the first page of their site and as close to the Rate Request button as possible.

The client finds his/her load and after a minute fills out a request form, as the constant use of the site eventually leads to an acquaintance with the sales team. That is why the Track & Trace system has not only image significance for your website, but also works as a tool for keeping regular and getting new customers. Every day more and more forwarding companies are aware of this and are doing everything possible to prevent their customers from tracking cargoes on other sites.

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Code generator

Give your customers easy access to all their shipments with a single generated code to see the whole process in one click. Each code is protected by a special encryption key, so there is no reason to worry about data safety. In addition, each entry is limited in time, determined by the freight forwarder - upon expiration all the data on the movement of cargo and all attached documents is deleted. Codes allow you to provide the most necessary information and highlight the shipment of a particular customer, and also support any number of goods / containers in the shipment.

Shipping Documents

An effective solution for the electronic transmission of transport documents - right in the tracking system. Huge time saving and reinforcement in loading of invoices, packing lists, certificates, bills of lading and other documents from a single control panel.

Route Planner

The easiest way to connect your database with tracking system and relevant information on your site. No matter what system is used in your company - your managers will no longer have to manually transfer information to customers.

We are sure that this application will save you a lot of time if you are engaged in container shipping. Our tracking works on all the world's largest shipping lines, and displays the info in the mobile app as well. At the request of the customer, the number of shipping lines can be increased.

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