Member Success Story: Clarke Global Logistics

Jun 25, 2020 Lilia Khovrak Lilia Khovrak

Martin Moyano - Director/Business Development Manager -
Clarke Global Logistics Pty. Ltd. (Est. 1917)

When Clarke Global Logistics joined seven years ago, they didn’t expect to experience such profound improvements to their business operations. As director Martin Moyano attests, becoming a member of the Digital Freight Alliance was a game-changer for his business. 

What changes has your business experienced since joining the Digital Freight Alliance? 

I joined the platform around seven years ago, back when the whole idea of having uploaded rates was a novel and unknown service. Whilst I made use of the leads that were available at the time, our priority markets of Australia and New Zealand were not well represented.

Fast forward to 2018, and I found myself working with a manager, Stefan, to help expand the service into a dynamic global offering. From there, Clarke Global Logistics grew exponentially, with the phone ringing almost constantly with new business leads asking for our service in Australia and New Zealand.

The global network capability that now offers is what was missing in our business - the worldwide service established in 2018 has given my business the impetus it needed to finally make it in our target markets. 


Has membership provided you with any new business leads?

Unlike other traditional networks, the Digital Freight Alliance has new business lead capabilities available to members through the platform. As such a well-known and well-respected network, the DF Alliance has an address book of reliable industry contacts that I’ve been able to leverage into new business for Clarke Global Logistics. 


What would you say is your closing rate on sales leads?

I can only speak on behalf of the markets that our business operates in, and these are obviously a lot smaller than the US, but we are currently seeing between 15 and 20% closing rate on sales leads thanks to the membership of the DF Alliance. However, that is in the economic climate of COVID-19, so it’s difficult to make comparisons - pre-COVID rates were much higher worldwide. 

What do you feel is the biggest benefit of joining the DF Alliance?

Joining the DF Alliance has been a win-win experience for Clarke Global Logistics. No other network can provide such a full, fleshed-out service to members: from tools to maximise efficiency to an address book of potential new business contacts available to all who join. DP World’s support has been invaluable also, and their regular investment in upgrades to and its platforms means that support is improving day by day.

DP World’s worldwide presence gives us market access that no other network can compete with, and I’d recommend joining the DF Alliance to any business looking to improve their supply chain operations. 

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