Changes to Business in the Digital Age

November 2018. This month, many companies are preparing a budget and goals for 2019.

The best moment this year is to set sales growth targets for the next year, and, as usual, we have everything in the spreadsheet. In any case, many sales teams are starting to notice certain symptoms of fatigue in the markets. Since the end of the summer, more than 80% of the companies with which I was able to speak, in the medium term, are increasingly concerned about their future and repeat as a mantra, "in order to collect later, you now need to sow."

Digitization of modern business

All this today means different things: from working to increase gross profit and investment in research and development (to the level that is needed), but above all in order to become digital. Anyone who does not become digital in the next 12 or 24 months will not be able to compete with the speed at which others will move, so conversion is not just an option - now it is a necessity.

Please note that I say "transformation", because many companies believe that with the new site, modification of logo or opening Facebook page, they have already done their homework and everything else is not necessary to touch. When I talk about transformation, I mean the integral transformation, changes in the team, in the organization, in the means of work and even in the product or service that you provide.

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Abstracts of transformations

To change ourselves, it is important that we manage to harmonize coexistence within our organization. Currently, according to various studies, from 75 to 82% of managerial positions are occupied by two generations - conservatives and their children.

"If we do not understand each other and do not support our transformation, it will not work."

To transform into a company, you will need to use technology to obtain data that will help us predict the behavior of our customers, improve our processes and participate in communication networks, and create applications that will continuously improve our products and services.

"These changes are not the path leading to the final goal, but life on a continuous journey."

And, above all, in order to make changes, we will have to burn the ships, be bold and take a step forward, as we have never done before, because the company's internal transformation presupposes openness and the need to communicate and share our experience - this means that there will be no return.

"This revolution itself does not portend danger - the competition does for it."

Therefore, pay attention to my experience, forget the words: "If we are good, then nothing needs to be changed." This time it will be different, because it’s not just a touch of innovation, this time it’s the case that if you don’t use technology to increase your results today, it may be too late tomorrow.

Do not forget this phrase:

"While some say it is impossible, others are already doing it."

My recommendations:

- To make decisions.

- Talk to the young people of your company.

- Make a fundamental change, start by analyzing your industry.

- Do not lose energy on the old methods.

- Technology is not the final action! This means to achieve your goals.

- Start step by step to facilitate changes.

And, first of all, do not think that these are expenses, but investments that will undoubtedly return in less time than you think. All this, not forgetting your personal happiness, as well as your team and company, but this will be the subject of another article.

And what technologies did you use in your company? Share in our chat. And also, there is a lot of useful content on our channel.

An enthusiastic entrepreneur who created own approaches in sales, growth and business relations, built it up organically to over 1,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest shippers and carriers. She continues to lead some strategical customers, as well as cargo projects.