Best Tips & Tweaks to Save Tons of Money on Freight Shipping Costs

Freight shipping costs across America and to foreign destinations can prove very expensive for anyone. This holds true for business owners as well as individuals that need to send freight somewhere for any reason.

However, with some top hacks, you can save big money on freight shipping costs. Here’re some of these hacks that might help you slice off a considerable amount of money on freight shipping.

Top Hacks to Save Freight Shipping Costs

There’s no shortage of shippers and logistics providers around the world. You have a wide selection ranging from some of the largest shipping and freight companies in the world to smaller, regional players. Postal services also constitute an integral part of this global logistics chain.

Therefore, try these top hacks that might help save big money on freight shipping.

Shop Around for Shipping Rates

Shopping around for lowest prices is the first top hack to save money on freight shipping costs. Nowadays, most shipping companies provide an online rate calculator where you can find the approximate shipping rates. This can take some time and effort but you can save big money on shipping rates. Of course, the rates that such online freight shipping calculators show may vary a bit from what a company could actually charge.

Check Rates for Multiple Modes

You’ll be aware there’re multiple modes of freight shipping such as road, rail, waterways and air. Often, you can save big money on freight shipping costs using multiple modes and yet ensure that the consignment reaches on schedule. This is especially true for countries with large landmass such as America. Usually, freight companies also charge a little lesser for using multiple modes instead of a single method such as air.

Agreements with Different Carriers

If you’re aware about how much freight you’ll be shipping during a particular year, it’s best to tie-up and sign agreements with different carriers. Such an arrangement with different carriers allows you to save big money on freight shipping costs. Because, you’ll get preferential shipping rates due to customer loyalty. At the same time, it’s not advisable to tie-up with more than three carriers so that each one records adequate business from your organization.

Understand Standard Box Rates

Companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and others have a standard box rate for shipments. This means, the carrier will charge a fixed rate for a box of that dimension, regardless of the weight. However, these offers can vary according to seasonal demand for freight, meaning you’ll have to keep tables on prevailing prices. Once you know the prices they charge for a standard box of a specific dimension, it’s possible to stuff as much freight as possible into an appropriate sized carton and get lower shipping rate.