Virtual Office

A universal workspace developed by SeaRates team is an ultimate solution, which includes complete CRM, TMS, finance and all the features needed for managing logistics or trading business, as well as internal company processes. Besides that Virtual Office is a cloud-based software, containing social networking elements to manage relation with partners.

See How it Works

All-in-one Dashboard

An ergonomic user-interface allows you to see everything organized efficiently and available in one place. Access to the main applications, view your company statistics, analytical information on rates, requests, chats and modes of transport.


Reasons to Use Virtual Office
for All Your Business Needs


CRM system

You are fully equipped for the customer service of the highest level. Create and manage your own customers database, manage bookings and shipping leads, set notifications to customers in multiple scenarios, exchange and archive flies and let them be satisfied from all points.


Financial management

Virtual Office contains all necessary tools for managing outgoing and inward payments, raise invoices, guide accounting, view balances and interact with counterparties. In accordance with the newest standards of financial operations, all transactions are protected by distributed ledger technologies and can be guided in security tokens within own online wallet.



Create the needed quantity of sub-accounts inside your company with several access levels to delegate different tasks and complete objectives effectively.



Social interaction elements allow you to easily subscribe, follow and add partners to access the best market freight offers for own shipping needs or reselling. All subscriptions are automatically synchronized with Logistics Explorer working on your website.


Smart Chat

A classical part of SeaRates ecosystem, Smart Chat is a powerful tool to negotiate logistics deals and any other relevant processes, trace history, set templates and much more. All messages are encrypted, secured, stored and available either in the web-version or mobile application.


TMS system

Whether you have own transport or use the outsourced one – you can easily manage all the movement and tracking of your units and view them on the map with the function of link sharing and smart planning.


Embedded Apps

Such SeaRates apps as Load Calculator, Multi Tracking, Route Planner, Transport Locator are accessible directly from the Virtual Office. Depending on the tariff plan, you can effectively use your favorite apps and save the history of results.


Product management

Importer, Exporter or Trader? Publish and manage your products in showcases to display them on hundreds of partners’ websites for multiple potential buyers, who purchase wholesale products. The characteristics of the packages will be automatically included into stuffing optimization.


Rate management

Carrier or freight forwarder? Add your rates to the Logistics Explorer using rate management featuret. Sea, Road, Air or Rail transport tariffs can be added to display to thousands of importers and exporters on your own website, at SeaRates.com and on hundreds of partners websites.