SeaRates ERP

A highly cost effective and fully integrated ERP Solution for Freight Forwarding.
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What is SeaRates ERP?

SeaRates ERP is an integrated solution to redefine cost-effective freight
forwarding across air, land and sea. We recognise the challenges in
freight forwarding that result in inefficiencies, delayed data

exchange, and consequential wastage.

SeaRates ERP is a premier multimodal ERP, designed to streamline
end-to-end shipping and cargo processes for all vendors, large or

small- crucial for efficiently managing items transported from

source to destination.

What we offer

End-to-End Integration
SeaRates ERP Modules include Air/Sea/
Land, providing seamless, end-to-end integration, offering complete operational and billing support across all modes of transportation.

Enhanced Flexibility and Support
The capability to perform multimodal jobs and the extensive documentation support in SeaRates ERP make it a versatile tool for managing logistics across
air, land, and sea.

Our benefits
Integrated Booking
Comprehensive solution for seamless vessel scheduling and rapid booking. more
· Streamlined, instant quotations
· Instant schedule updates
· Access to the best freight rates through SeaRates Hide
Superior Customer Experience
Transact easily through our user-friendly portal. more
· End-to-end digital documentation
· Customer relationship management
· Access to DP World Trade Finance Hide
Optimal Efficiency
Simplify complex operations and billing with smooth automation. more
· Automatically generate per-shipment or per-month invoices
· Monitor payment status for all accounts payable and receivable
· Access in-depth analysis of cost variation from quotation to shipment execution Hide
Digital Transformation
Seamless implementation of cloud solution with minimum fee. more
· Enhanced data security
· Lower unit cost
· Access to advanced forecasting via AI Hide
Key features
We manage end to end workflow from Quotations to Shipments, Jobs and Invoices. We connect to your booking agents and custom brokers for electronic data exchange. We keep track of every account receivable and payable for maximum profitability.
Sailing Schedules
Carrier Bookings
Customer Portal
Document Management
Workflow Approval
Customs Clearance
Truck Orders
Integrated Messaging
Billing & Invoicing
Track & Trace
Sailing Schedules
Carrier Bookings
Customer Portal
Workflow Approval
Document Management
Customs Clearance
Integrated Messaging
Truck Orders
Billing & Invoicing
Track & Trace
Platform overview
• Integrated global ocean sailing schedule search More
• Automated pricing based on the route, mode, company tariff, and profit margin rules More
• Store and reuse quotations
• Tariff approval/rejection workflow before sending quotes to clients
• Email delivery of quotes with an expiration date Less
• Create shipment from quotation
• Create consolidation shipment More
• Direct booking to major shipping lines via Inttra More
• Co-load shipments to other freight forwarders
• Create house Bill of Lading or airway bill
• Update operation and movement milestones Less
Charges and invoices
• Purchase, compare, cost and sell price for each charge to ensure profitability More insights are visible
• Automatically generate per-shipment or per-month invoice for each More client
• Automatically generate payable bills for each vendor
• Keep track of payment status for all accounts payable and receivable invoices
• Analyze cost variation from quotation to shipment execution Less
• Growth and profit margin by customers, shipping lines, and vendors More
• Trend and profitability by destinations and shipping lanes
• Performance (lead conversion, profit margin) by sales teams or persons More
• Performance (efficiency, service quality) by operation teams or operators Less
Streamline Your
Freight Operations
Unlock seamless efficiency with our integrated ERP solution tailored for Freight Forwarding. Take control of costs and streamline operations effortlessly.
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