What is a Freight Forwarder?

The term freight forwarder originates from the Latin «Expedire» and means «the one that deals with types of cargo and freight transportation». In reality, the term freight forwarder can mean a company specializing in cargo handling that transports ocean freight, air freight, railway freight, or road freight. A freight forwarding company offers the best transport route, provides freight, and cargo insurance, and, if necessary, carries out customs clearance in the countries of departure and destination.

The meaning of freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding is a profession that has appeared in our country recently. Perhaps not everyone still knows what freight forwarding services are, but a lot depends on them in cargo transportation.

Main tasks of international freight forwarders

1. The choice of route. In transport logistics, it is necessary to develop the most comfortable, convenient, and financially profitable shipping route. It is not difficult to understand that only a trained professional can make a transportation plan that takes into account all the details of the case.

2. The choice of transportation. Competent specialists can make the right choice of transport depending on the weight of the transported cargo and its size, the required speed of delivery, transportation, and storage. In addition, for transportation, the company can use other equipment, for example, rigging.

3. Assistance in collecting documents. Domestic and international freight forwarders should help to collect the documents necessary for the carriage of goods anywhere worldwide. It goes without saying that for a freight forwarder, this will turn out to be a much easier task than a person not familiar with this issue.

4. Taking appropriate decisions: Specialized professionals should be able to make the most appropriate decisions if certain problems arise along the way. An experienced freight forwarder will do everything in his power to make sure that the property is delivered intact, safe, and on time.

Which freight forwarder should I pick?

Freight forwarder companies are legal entities operating throughout the entire process of cargo deliveries in the interests of a company or other person who has entered into an agreement with it. The choice of the route of movement and the quality of transportation directly depend on the advice and actions of the forwarder.

Before choosing a forwarder, check out the following factors:

1. Logistics company. A good and reliable freight forwarder, as a rule, can be checked in different sources. Some customers leave feedback on the work of such a company. The main thing is that if you can find some reviews and feedback about this kind of logistics provider on the internet or on specialized platforms, this would be the best verification method.

2. The volume and complexity of transportation. As a rule, forwarding services are necessary for the transport of small parties, containers, and standard packages. And for more complex shipments, there must be an experienced forwarder.

3. Prices. Research not only the offers with the lowest price but also try to find out what specific services are offered to you. Compare the cost of the services in synergy with all the associated values that a forwarder brings you.

4. Convenience of interaction with the forwarder. If you are uncomfortable talking with the company at the preliminary stage, it is worth considering what will happen in the future.

Freight forwarders in the world

Since then, there has been a lot of competition for forwarding companies, and the consulting company Armstrong & Associates has made the top 25 global forwarders. All of them are distinguished by large incomes and cargo.

Best freight forwarder companies in the world

1. DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding. German international express and cargo delivery company, world market leader. Operates in more than 120,000 cities in 220 countries and territories. As of 2019, DHL celebrates 1.5 billion parcels annually. DHL has four divisions — DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Global Mail, and DHL Supply Chain. It was founded in 1969 in the USA.

2. Kuehne + Nagel. An international logistics company was founded in the German Empire in 1890. Over the 120 years of its history, it has made its way from a modest freight forwarding office in Bremen (Germany) to a global-scale corporation headquartered in Switzerland. The company has more than 1300 branches in 109 countries.

3. DB Schenker. Division of the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn AG. The company was acquired by Deutsche Bahn as Schenker-Stinnes in 2002. It includes units for air, land, sea transportation, and contract logistics. Schenker was founded in Austria in 1872. Schenker has approximately 65,000 employees in 2,000 offices worldwide.

4. DSV. Founded in 1976 in a small town in Denmark. DSV consists of three units offering a full range of services: Road, Air & Sea, and Solutions. Over 1,500 offices, terminals and warehouses around the world.

5. Sinotrans one of the largest logistics companies in China. Since 2005, Sinotrans has been providing logistics and foreign trade services for companies and individuals involved in the import and export of goods. Sinotrans' network covers all parts of China and the five continents of the world.


It would seem that the most reliable way is to contact a large company with a name known in the market. But such a solution is far from always the best. Of course, you will be sure of the stability of the company, but shipping rates and working conditions for cargo owners with small volumes of shipments may not be the most profitable. As a rule, it is more profitable for cargo owners with small volumes to choose stable-working small forwarders.

Anyway, if you are searching to get the best matching offer in terms of price and quality and you need to decide in the shortest time, we always welcome you to check the best freight rates online, provided by the verified forwarders.

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