SeaRates Updates - Week 27, 2021

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers and partners for their ongoing feedback. We continue to innovate and improve SeaRates’ features, and your input is invaluable in allowing us to do so. Here are the latest updates you need to know about.

Tracking System improvements

This week we have made improvements to the way we work with shipping lines, including Turkon, Emkay Lines, Hapag Lloyd, Yang Ming, and COSCO. Also this week, we have improved the recognition of container types and have added api_calls statistics to the API response.

Now, in each request you can see the statistics of API calls, namely, the total number of api_calls available for the current month, how many were used, and how many api_calls remain.

Smart Documents page

We have added a description for our Smart Documents feature. You can learn more about the tool, and use it for free for all your shipping needs here.

Automatic sign in

Now, when choosing a rate in the Logistics Explorer, you will have the opportunity to automatically log into your profile and our system will fill in everything for you. This will simplify your work with our platform.

Redesign of the LandRates main page

We have updated the main page of our website, Our designers continue to work on new layouts and themes to make LandRates convenient for our customers and to improve the overall experience.

Terms of service

We have updated our conditions by adding the ‘DP World - Standard trading conditions for freight forwarding and logistics services’ tab. If you want to use our logistics services or offer rates, you can find them here.

SSO (Single Sign-On) on DF-Alliance

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available when signing into DF-Alliance. If you log in to your personal SeaRates account, you will automatically log in to

Growth of the Digital Freight Alliance

DF Alliance members have access to a global freight forwarding network, allowing them to expand opportunities for their business and meet freight partners from all over the world. The DF Alliance now has 1,175 members from over 190 countries. The DF Alliance continues to receive positive feedback from clients through its surveys.

Stay tuned for DF Alliance updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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