SeaRates Updates - Week 21, 2024

The SeaRates team highly values your loyalty and support. We continue to improve our service and are thrilled to share the latest platform updates for your seamless journey.

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What’s new for week 21:

  • Distance & Time updates: We’re glad to introduce a range of improvements to the API Version 3.0, including comprehensive and rapid support of the following parameters in the requests: country and city names, addresses in different formats, companies’ names, and famous places. This scope of new parameters supplements your requests on distance and transit time calculation by coordinates, UN/LOCODES, and country codes as usual. Find out more in our documentation.
  • Air Cargo Tracking enhancements: We are glad to announce that we have added support for Japan Airlines, Mercury Americas, Qantas, GOL Linhas Aereas, and Kenya Airways.
  • Global Delivery API updates: We are glad to announce that we have added support for Nova Post to streamline your international courier rate search.
  • Ship Schedules updates: We have added an opportunity to open a separate schedule page that contains all necessary functionality and important data on vessel schedules. Also, here, you can copy and share your results per demand. 

Other updates:


  • Virtual Office Counterparties
  • New Version of Route Planner API

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