SeaRates Mobile Application: All Benefits You Have in Version 1.0

The SeaRates team is proud to create a Mobile Application for iOS and Android, as scaling our services makes it easier to provide our logistics solutions to you. Now, you can access them in an even more convenient way – at any time, right on your phone.

We are gradually and continuously enhancing the application, so in Version 1.0, you already have an improved version of the Ship Schedules API. So let's review all the improvements and additional benefits of using SeaRates Mobile Application Version 1.0.

Comprehensive scheduling capabilities

SeaRates Mobile Application Version 1.0 is an opportunity to get quick access to an improved version of the Ship Schedules tool, with a detailed search for schedules by Points and by Vessel. It's the easiest alternative for monitoring schedules without the necessity of accessing the web version or API.

Scheduling by Points

Start the search on the by Points tab by entering the ports of departure and arrival, estimated dates of sailing and arrival from the calendar, and, as an option, the name of the shipping line.

In a fraction of a second, you are provided with schedule options that you can choose from to match your preferred transit time.

Schedule, type of transport, and deadlines – important indicators that simplify and expand the possibilities of planning your transportation – have been improved and added in the new version of the Ship Schedules tool. 

  • Route schedules and real-time world map are precise based on AIS data;
  • Transport type defines the name of the vessel, feeder, barge, rail, or truck;
  • Deadlines are all time limits provided by the shipping line.



Advanced data management 

Monitor, plan, and get the most accurate data on your shipments on-the-go. At any time, convenient for you, check the app for notifications about events or updates to your supply chain schedule.

Scheduling by Vessel

With the vessel name, IMO, or MMSI, enter it in the by Vessel tab and find the most relevant schedule options that can be easily filtered.


Customized search for schedules

To find schedules that work best for your shipments, specify the following parameters as you require:

  • Time of Departure
  • Time of Arrival
  • Voyage
  • Shipping line
  • Service

Interactive mapping for streamlined planning

Selecting a map of the particular shipment allows you to track the vessel's movement from the place of departure to the place of arrival.


Finally, receive additional data on the port, such as logistics events, deadlines, etc.

Once you have found the schedules of the routes you need, you can compare freight rates for them or request an individual shipping solution


Additional app options

Optionally, you can choose a light or dark theme for the application interface.

And currently, the app supports four languages:

Finally, the user can receive notifications about schedule details on their phone, manage the basic settings of the application interface, and have quick access on the Home page to the articles on the SeaRates blog. 

In Conclusion

The easy availability of the mobile app at any time is a convenient way to keep track of logistics events, plan transportation operations in a timely manner, and fully monitor supply chain processes. You get quick access to everything that is important to meet your shipping needs. 

SeaRates Mobile Application Version 1.0 helps you stay up-to-date with your transportation processes and is a great solution for planning because of the detailed information provided. We are also constantly developing the application with improved API versions and adding new features. You can get the necessary logistics support right on your phone.  

Ask us at [email protected] for assistance in implementing SeaRates IT solutions for your logistics process.

Sophia Shkuro is a content manager from Dnipro, Ukraine. Believes that the more complex a thing is, the easier it should be to write about it. Dreams of a future vacation by the sea.