SeaRates Developer Portal: Capabilities for Your Business

The SeaRates team has released the Developer Portal, where you can find full documentation on the web and API integration for all SeaRates products. Below are descriptions of the benefits of our logistics services. Let's take a look at the advantages of the Developer Portal and see which features you will find useful.

How to find the best digital shipping solutions?

First, you are introduced to a section with details of the API integrations of the tools. Here you can switch from dark to light themes and vice versa, use the search on the top to find documentation for a specific tool, or move on.

Right on the main page, you can decide which features your business needs based on the tool descriptions. If you prefer to use the SeaRates tools in the form of API integration, each API can be used individually or in combination. Thus, you provide your business with professional assistance in daily logistics operations by developing your own innovative tools based on SeaRates functionality.

Further, check out the Shipping Capabilities section to learn even more advantages of working with SeaRates.

Be sure to check out the Request an IT Quote button located at the bottom of every page on the Developer Portal to get our help in integrating any tool according to your individual requirements.

You can also find more insights by clicking on the Find a Tool button and asking our team any logistical questions via the Contact Us button.

There are two ways to discover tool integrations. You can use the menu on the left, which contains the API and Web Integration sections. Or go to the Getting Started tab. Let's find out how the Developer Portal will work by clicking on this tab.

Introduction to the SeaRates Developer Portal

Moving on to the detailed documentation on the integrations of all SeaRates tools.

A significant advantage of our Developer Portal is the ability to download the following for each version of the API:

  • the specification in JSON format in accordance with OpenAPI Specification v3.1.0 (the description of all APIs complies with the specification). Thus, we provide you with a convenient and updated structure of the documentation, allowing you to quickly search for all tools at once on the Developer Portal;
  • Postman Collection: one of the most popular tools for API testing;
  • Swagger is a popular tool for documenting and testing APIs. Also, many companies, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon utilize it.

This way, it will take you a few minutes to integrate APIs into your business.

Moving on to the overview of the documentation in the Developer Portal.

Tracking System

Track and manage your shipments effortlessly with our Tracking System tool. Stay informed about your shipment's status using B/L, Booking, and Container numbers.


Start with the General information about API and move on to the following details:

You will find a list of all Requests for the API Tracking System:

  • Tracking by any number
  • Tracking by container
  • Tracking by B/L
  • Route information
  • Shipping line info
  • Historical data
  • Historical data by ID

For each request, you can find out the Response schema (which defines all possible elements in the response).

You can also see examples of responses after connecting the API with your system.

In the Additional Information section, you will find the Rate Limit and Available Shipping Lines blocks.

Also, in one of the recent updates, we shared that we have added a list of carriers that are currently supported in the Tracking System tool. To stay up-to-date with the latest feature upgrades, follow our weekly updates.


This section allows you to integrate the widget into your website.

The web-integrated version of the Tracking System tool has one search parameter: container number. It takes a couple of hours to integrate the tool, and it is very easy to use: just enter the container number and click on search.

Additionally, you can customize the Home page on your website with the Search Filter tab.


At any time, you can check out the web version of the Tracking System tool on

Ship Schedules

Ship Schedules fully optimizes your supply chain. Find schedules for your shipments by vessel and by port pair.


For the Ship Schedules tool, you will find details for requests for Schedules by Points, Schedules by Vessel, and Available carriers, as well as sample responses.

For detailed information, click Show response schema (which defines all possible elements in the response).


A widget with global coverage of schedules is the best improvement for your website. After all, you can achieve superior services and active visits to the site by your customers.

Additionally, you can customize the Home page on your website with the Search Filter tab.


Learn about the web versions of our tools to plan your future shipments.

Load Calculator

Load Calculator provides a detailed analysis of your freight loading. Optimize stuffing inside the container/truck.


You can integrate the Load Calculator API into any of your ERP, TMS, or CRM systems. Your customer will be able to enter their specifications on cargo to load results in the 3D scheme. You will find the parameters and other detailed information in the Developer Portal:

Moreover, the section with Additional information contains the answer to the question of How to read complex objects and the Errors block.


By integrating the Load Calculator into your website as a widget, you provide your customers with a 3D diagram of the load calculation for groups of goods according to various shipping requirements as well as the type of cargo.


The convenient Load Calculator functionality in our web version is also available.


Distance&Time assists in planning your delivery routes. Streamline your supply by getting the distances and transit times between 2 points by different modes of transport.


With the help of our API, your users will be able to estimate the distance and transit time between two points in seconds and get the best route on the map. Find out the Query Parameters and other details needed to integrate the Distance&Time API with your system.

For detailed information, click Show response schema (which defines all possible elements in the response).

Moreover, the functionality of the Distance&Time tool is often used to develop the CO2 emission calculator.


The same features of the tool are available as a web integration directly on your website. Customers no longer need to find additional information on third-party resources. All the information about the distance and transit time is available via one widget.


Try the wide functionality of the Distance&Time tool on our website.

Logistics Explorer

Logistics Explorer is a freight calculator for shipping planning. Check freight rates for different types of transport and book them.


You can expand your logistics services and simplify lead generation in your system by integrating the Logistics Explorer API.

Your customers will search for freight rates for FCL, LCL, Bulk, Air, Land FCL, FTL, LTL, and Rail, and you will provide it with the Logistics Explorer API integration.

Additionally, your platform can offer the best rates from logistics providers from all over the world for any type of transportation.


The Logistics Explorer widget solution is designed to help your website become the best among competitors with an innovative freight rate calculator, satisfying customers from all over the world.

Additionally, you can customize the Home page on your website with the Search Filter tab.


The web version of Logistics Explorer will allow you to search/compare/instantly book the best freight rates for any shipping to handle all your logistics operations.

Finally, the Status section in our Developer Portal displays changes, if there are any, to the smooth running of the systems. You can go to this tab and make sure that all integration systems are operating.


The SeaRates team improves our services and simplifies your daily logistics challenges by providing simple and effective solutions. Likewise, the documentation on tool integration was designed to provide you with important data from all tools and all their versions in the most convenient way. This way, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about optimizing logistics processes.

We are also pleased to constantly improve our Developer Portal, adding various features to the API and web integration.

Feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] for assistance in integrating SeaRates services into your business process.

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