SeaRates: A Walkthrough of Best Online Shipping Services Around the Globe

Online solutions have become a necessity for businesses to expand their operations, reach more customers, and to gain more brand awareness in this digitized world. 

There are many o operations in the movement of cargo from calling the carrier or their office, making an order, securing shipping slots, giving details about the shipment, and much more. The hassle and uncertainty can be a lot to deal with. 

Today, we exist in the era of the app and online software solutions for nearly everything. It is only natural for businesses dealing with bookings and shipments to shift their operations from traditional bookkeeping or excel sheets to actual booking software. A custom software development company in Houston that is capable of understanding your business, can translate it into great user experience in a software solution that has all the necessary functionality for clients to make international shipping deals online with ease. 

However, SeaRates took a step further and brought a custom search engine for the world of international shipping. It compares all available cargo delivery options on request and arranges transportation and insurance. In other words,  transparency and control, with the cheapest price and the fast transit times.”

More About SeaRates: the DFA Alliance 

The Digital Freight Alliance is a union of logistics providers that use the technologies,, and The Alliance is designed to be the world's most powerful and independent digital freight forwarders' association that covers more than 80 countries. Designed to provide its members with outstanding benefits and networking opportunities, benefits include payment protection, access to a wide community of members who are experts in the digital transformation of logistics, financial guarantees, access to logistics and trade finance.

Apps for the future

A stable of apps that help move cargo from the get-go has been evolved – and the list is growing

They include the few apps among many they provide in their plan includes: Load Calculator,  a Logistics Explorer, Container Tracking and  Ship Schedules 

Load Calculator: This app provides a visual demonstration of the placement of goods into the container together with the calculations required to make them fit perfectly into the space available and optimizing it to the maximum. It also displays how the items are positioned within a chosen container. 

You get a monthly and yearly plan with a range of functionalities at USD $49 a month, and USD $25 a year. Users can also get a new API (Application Programming Interface) for Load Calculator and simply integrate it with their website. 

Logistics Explorer: This is an online quote app for your website.  You can search a freight quote to compare shipping rates and services instantly. There are many options to choose such as booking online and other tools for logistics. 

Container Tracking: Much like any online delivery system where you track your packages in the process of being delivered to you this container tracking system does the same. The application helps track the position of your container in real-time. All you need to do is specify the number and shipping line, and the software will provide you with the necessary details. 

The basic plan comes with a USD $22 one-time payment for one month and a yearly plan for USD $14 a month providing a USD $96 saving. You can get the SeaRates Tracking API to sync automated data with tracking results in your existing project or website. 

Shipping Schedules: This app allows you to source instant sailing itineraries for vessels of multiple shipping lines. The application is available either for web-integration or in API format.

The basic monthly plan comes for USD $27 and yearly for USD $18 which gives a $108 saving. 

Meanwhile, other services such as Cargo Wizard, Route Planner, and Distance & Time. 

Why SeaRates? 

Because it’s brimful of benefits for your business:

Bonus Program for Frequent Customers: SeaRates values its customers and gives them the benefits they deserve including discounts and promotional offers based on your orders and routes. The promo codes can be used during the payment process, where you can add the code and the total price will be lowered depending on the discount. 

Helping you find the cheapest rate: SeaRates will find the cheapest shipping rates to any country, allowing you to save money and time. The hassle of spending a lot of money, negotiating, and worrying about the packaging condition is all taken care of.

Customer support - end to end: You will receive customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. SeaRates makes sure customers are supported every step of the way. From issues related to freight handling, weight, routing, rates, inland haulage, and documentation. 

SeaRates is a complete package for those seeking the best shipping prices, booking slots, and tracking their containers. Being able to do so much from the comfort of your location, at any time and from anywhere. Your online booking journey now! 

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