Project Cargoes - The Crucial Significance in Complex Deliveries

Project cargo is always a challenge! A lot of knowledge and experience is needed to do the right job. With more than 10 years in logistics we believe that SeaRates is the right partner for all of your project needs.

Our offices are located all over the world. We have the advantage of being able to use our own terminals and warehouses in relatively small ports through to very active larger ports for handling general cargo.

Our company and our partners benefit to the fullest extent from our strategic and worldwide network of offices, warehouses and port facilities. This combination of first class locations and handling equipment, with the right people who know what it means to do a good project is the key to successful project management.

It is our aim to permanently provide our clients with an effective service in a timely manner with the best possible payment conditions when moving their goods from one place to another whether small or oversized and heavy. Project cargo is diversified by us in export packing, door to door shipments and turnkey projects.

Our project teams in Europe, North- and South America, Middle East and Asia are able to offer the full logistics package needed, be it moving project cargo to the other end of the world or just around the corner.


Let's emphasize that transportation of oversized cargo - transportation of goods that exceed standard sizes and allowable weight for containers of 20 and 40 feet. You will need this service if you need to import construction, agricultural machinery or a production line from the producer's country; if you are a manufacturer of building materials - export your products abroad.


"Oversizing" parameters:

  • Oversize on height - the height of the cargo with transport exceeds 4 m from the road surface (for container trucks on the routes set by each country's traffic inspection - 4.35 m)
  • Oversize on width - the width of the cargo exceeds 2.6 m
  • Oversize on length (long-length) - non-separable cargo, the length of which exceeds 22 m (for long vehicles - 25 m) - construction beams, cranes, pipes, supports, poles, piles, reinforced concrete structures, parts of equipment


Heavy cargo

A heavy category is considered a separate category. Its dimensions can be standard, but the mass exceeds the norms allowed by legal regulations. According to the average world criteria for the road transportations, the actual weight of the cargo should not exceed 40 tons (for container trucks on the routes set by each country's state traffic inspection - up to 46 tons). The load on a single axle should not exceed 11 tons, for a double axis - 16 tons, for a built-up axis - 22 tons. Weight restrictions for container trucks: 11 tons for a single axle; 18 tons for a twin axis; 24 tons for a built axis special equipment, industrial cisterns, machine tools, bulldozers, rollers, drilling rigs.


Transportation of oversized cargoes by road 

Organization and registration of transportation of large size, as a rule, is engaged in a logistics company. In some cases, transportation of oversized cargo must be accompanied by traffic police officers. Such requirements are imposed by each state legislation if the length of the vehicle together with the load exceeds 22 m, or the height of the vehicle together with the load exceeds 4 m.


Transportation of oversized cargo by sea

When transporting project cargoes by sea, the common use is gained by Flat Rack, platforms and Open Top containers instead of standard ones. The condition of transportation is the redemption of all parts outside the container, which occupy the protruding parts of the cargo. Proper organization of loading can save from 25% to 50% of the cost of sea freight.



How are sea transportation of oversized cargo carried out?

Evaluates the parameters of the cargo to calculate the cost of transportation. The optimal route is discussed and approved with the customer. The path can be either solely marine, or combined - with subsequent delivery by land.  Documents are collected, the final calculation of the cost of services is performed. Your personal manager charters a suitable truck or books the space on the vessel. Then we organize and control the process of loading oversized cargo on board. Accompanying documents are provided to the customer. If necessary, our specialists, organize process of unloading (or reloading) of goods from the vessel and do customs procedures upon arrival at the port of discharge.


SeaRates will guarantee you:

  • Reliable vehicle fleet
  • Low bed platforms
  • Professional drivers
  • Operative work
  • Liability for cargo
  • Informational support 24/7


Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by sea transport is one of the specializations of our company for many years. Well-established connections with freight traffic and safe vehicles both inside the country and abroad make it happen.


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