Port-centric DPWL coverage

DP World Logistics is a division responsible for the inland and intermodal activities of DP World in 12 countries. Our customers get the most of one-stop-shop solutions in connection to the terminals, logistics parks, and free zones. DP World smart production and distribution centres have been created in strategic locations around the globe close to sea, air, road and rail connections. This multi-modal supply chain approach has boosted cargo volumes for our customers, and reduced transit times for their products.

Port-centric logistics is helping companies during times of high demand and supply chain disruption, and has allowed several global companies to achieve significant transportation cost savings, shorter lead times, and more streamlined supply chains.

DPWL benefits:

  • Receive optimum flexibility for ‘just-in-time’ container movements, thanks to our client-focused service model.
  • Fast and efficient container coordination, movement, cleaning, repairs, refurbishment, and storage services to customers who are moving container freight in and out of terminals.
  • 21st Century logistics solutions: an advanced operating system enables container turnaround in minimum timeframes.
  • Flexibility of 24/7 operations to meet customer needs.

DPWL coverage in the following countries:

  • Brazil,
  • Ecuador,
  • Peru,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • Chile,
  • Suriname,
  • Argentina,
  • Rwanda,
  • Canada,
  • Ukraine,
  • Romania,
  • Spain,
  • Serbia,
  • Somaliland,
  • UAE,
  • India,
  • Australia.

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