October 2022 Development Release: Empowering Business Users

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The following are the most recent changes you should be aware of.


Tracking System

We’re proud to say that we have added support for Cordelia Container Shipping Line. We now support a total of 120 shipping lines and 12 leasing companies, making our platform unique in its ability to support a wide variety of providers. You can find the updated list of shipping lines here.

Also, our team has been working on fixes and improvements for Marguisa Shipping Lines, OOCL, CMA CGM, APL, ANL, and CNC.


Ship Schedules 

We have added support for TS Lines and OOCL, so you can now see schedules by vessel for these shipping lines. Currently, we support a total of 34 shipping lines by points and 23 shipping lines by vessel. You can find the updated list of shipping lines here.  



Logistics Explorer

The workflow of working with rates for temporarily unavailable ports has been changed, now the user can fill out a quick request for such rates, the same to working with overdue rates. Depending on the customers' requirements, our experts will be able to provide prompt assistance.

When adding sea rates in the Virtual office, as well as when creating a Request for a quote for sea transportation, the user will now be able to select only terminal ports as points of departure and arrival.


Virtual Office

While uploading rates via Excel file to our platform, you will receive an email notifying you of the status of loading rates and any issues found in your Excel file, allowing you to quickly contact our technical support to resolve the issue or re-upload the file. 

In addition, the logic for updating overdue rates using Excel files has been improved. When loading new rates into a table in Virtual Office, the imported rates will not be saved as new rows but instead will replace the overdue rates.



Booking System

The tool is now available in Ukrainian 🇺🇦. There is also the opportunity of integrating the Ukrainian version of the tool.




Stay tuned for more updates!


November 2, 2022

The SeaRates Team

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