6 Tips to Boost Your Corporate Culture in Your Dropshipping Business

Sep 10, 2020 Jolene Rutherford Jolene Rutherford

In the era of all things e-commerce, more entrepreneurs are eager to join the playing field, but in a more streamlined, simplified manner. This is where dropshipping steals the spotlight as one of the most profitable, seamless solutions in the game. Dropshipping allows you minimal entry capital, plenty of freedom to choose a profitable niche with the potential to remain relevant for years on end, and your pick of the partners in the manufacturing and vendor sectors. It seems like the golden goose of online freight rates selling, but it also has its unique challenges. 

For one, dropshipping may seem like a done deal that doesn’t require complex internal organization, while the opposite is true. As soon as you open a dropshipping store, you enter numerous relationships with vendors and manufacturers, and you can grow your organization to have numerous employees, as well. All those bonds will define your corporate culture, which will in turn help shape your success. Here are a few ideas to help you foster a positive, strong corporate culture in your dropshipping business and use it to grow your online presence over time.

Employee recognition and rewards

In regions where competition is fierce and there are so many other dropshipping companies your employees can join, you want to make them feel welcome and recognized every step of the way. For example, in the US, companies that reside in highly competitive industries such as the retail need to step up to impress and cherish their employees. Zappos has a unique approach to rewards and is thus considered one of the finest examples of what it means to grow a company culture that puts employees at its center.

Although you might not be running a show as expansive as Zappos, you can sure learn so much from such large brands with refined strategies in place. By recognizing your employees’ contributions on a regular basis, you create a culture of appreciation, one where employees will be far more likely to stay, thus boosting your employee retention rates.

Empower transparency across the board

Conflicts can arise even in the best companies with the most well-mannered employees. The process of conflict resolution and possible legal repercussions will all depend on where your business operates, and the legal structure of your organization. For example, in competitive countries with fast-growing business sectors such as Australia, employers need to make sure that every employee understands their responsibilities and knows what is expected of them as part of the team. 

As a result, more local companies choose to work with expert Australian employment lawyers in order to come up with dedicated strategies to boost their in-house leadership, dispute resolution, and company-wide transparency. When a mishap does happen, you want to make sure you can legally protect your dropshipping business while also protecting your employees. 

Clear lines of communication

If you work with remote teams and you use different digital tools for a wide range of your business processes, you also need a well-structured communication strategy in place. Otherwise, you risk causing frustration among your teams, missed deadlines, and misplaced orders. Set up a hierarchy of who should report to whom, and what tools you should use, be it a project management tool, a CRM platform, or even just email. Whatever works for the size of your organization, just keep it structured and clarify everyone’s roles.

Take a flexible stance for your team

Ever since the rise of remote work and digital nomadism, more companies have had to become more flexible with their work conditions. That applies to your dropshipping business, too. Perhaps some of your teams will benefit from working different hours, or they might need to take a break in the middle of their shift to pick up their kids from daycare. 

Listen to their unique needs, find flexible solutions together, and you won’t build just another temporary job for them, but a lasting position in your company where they feel valued and recognized.

Encourage collaboration over competition

Although many managers believe that inspiring a competitive spirit in their teams may grow business productivity, collaboration brings more lasting results and it benefits your corporate culture, too. Organize regular workshops and meetings to get everyone to share their ideas. Start a mentorship program for your more experienced staff to help your novice employees. Finally, reward teamwork with recognition and always encourage people to help one another, no matter their expertise.

Make feedback a regular part of your agenda

It’s one thing to spend time brainstorming and coming up with creative ways to market your store and work with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the business. It’s an entirely different beast to start delving deep into the internal issues your employees might be dealing with. This is why feedback is essential, paired with transparency and well-managed expectations.

By setting up regular meetings and one-on-one calls with your staff, you’ll give everyone a fair chance to share their complaints, concerns, and suggestions on how to improve your corporation. Then again, you can also share your own constructive ideas on how they can be better, and commend them on their hard work. Start a feedback loop to truly let transparency live, and you’ll be able to make your employees happy and foster a culture of mutual respect.

It takes time for your corporate culture to develop and evolve into a unique and authentic representation of your brand. However, investing time in developing your culture with the help of these strategic approaches will certainly help you stay on the right track. Make sure that your dropshipping business has a strong brand presence and a powerful internal culture so that you can stay competitive for years to come.

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist - turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and inform people.