6 Marine Services Offered by Offshore Vessel Operators

Marine services play a significant role in different vessel-related operations and functions. The purpose of these offered services is to help manage the flow of vessel traffic, achieve safer manoeuvring and berthing of vessels, and even include maritime or port efficiency and protection. These services are commonly provided by existing offshore vessel operators. 

Offshore vessel operators can come in different types, from providing services related to logistics, repair, supply, and many other operational purposes. These vessel operators can show efficiency and quality performance, given their function in the industry.

Here, we discuss the different marine services offered by offshore vessel operators. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Dive Support

One of the offshore vessels' most common services is supporting various maritime projects and operations. These services are commonly specialized to accommodate diving operations. The primary function of offshore vessels in dive support is to ensure the vessel is secured and hooked up during diving operations. The service commonly involves the use of effective anchor mooring systems.

How do mooring systems work? This system is composed of a mooring line that is made up of materials like fiber ropes, chains, wires, or all three. The materials used may depend on the water depth. Mooring lines have anchors directly connected to the seafloor, thus preventing vessel movement during operations.

Maritime services are crucial in many countries' economies. In the U.S., these services have shown great importance in the country's supply chain and economic growth. They play significant functions in the end-to-end trade operations within borders, all the way to the global market. Thus, allowing the continuous flow of materials and supplies for industrial sectors in the country. American maritime services are commonly available in Newark, Chalmette, etc.

Similarly, in Australia, the maritime industry has made significant contributions to its economy. Offshore Services are big players in the trading and shipping activities of many metropolitan cities like Perth, Brisbane, Dampier, Darwin, and many others. They offer a range of marine services such as supporting oil and gas operations, engineering and project management, renewable energy and transmission, offshore construction and installation, offshore survey and positioning, etc.

2. Offshore Accommodation

Offshore accommodations offer existing vessels for offshore crews. Most companies in the maritime industry need adequate spaces for their large crews. Offshore vessel operators provide this needed accommodation through module decks to house and give shelter for existing and excess offshore workers. 

These accommodation vessels use dynamic and flexible facility quarters or stations to provide crews with an alternative or permanent space for sleeping and many other activities. This way, maritime companies can continue to operate while, at the same time, providing better quality living and comfort for their crews. 

Depending on the projects being done, the number of crews and space available can also vary. Offshore vessel operators will be the ones to acquire and adjust to the accommodation facilities needed.

3. Transhipping and Supply

The purpose of transhipping is to carry and unload varying goods from one vessel to another. Offshore vessel operators also provide this kind of marine service to help complete the transportation of cargo or containers. 

Moreover, this marine service can accommodate the carrying and transportation of personnel, supplies, and equipment to support mineral and energy resource production and operational demands. This may include supplies of dry bulk, fuel, freshwater, liquid mud, etc. 

4. Oil and Gas Field Support

Offshore vessel operators also provide oil field support for oil and gas industries. This marine service provides functions related to oil and gas explorations and drillings to bring out hydrocarbons on the sea surface. Another offshore vessel service related to these operations includes jack-up installations to lift off vessels above water level, which are also used for offshore wind farms.

Some other related services it can provide for oil and gas field support are floating platform installations and vessel tenders. These floating platforms and tenders provide support, especially during exploration operations.

5. Standby Operations

As evacuation and emergency plans are highly required in offshore fields, response and rescue vessels and services are highly important. Offshore vessel operators providing standby operation services are responsible for giving additional equipment and facilities to carry out rapid responses and evacuation plans during emergencies successfully. 

Standby operation services can do search and rescue, primary medical aid, and monitoring safety by providing approaching vessel warnings and encompass facilities necessary for survival and medical care during specific unforeseen circumstances offshore. 

6. Geo Survey

Marine services provided by offshore vessel operators also include geo-survey operations. What are these? Geo surveys provide data necessary for operations like mining exploration, wind farm projects, and many others. Geo surveys provide high-resolution data and mapping of the seafloor condition, shape, and geological makeup. 

Two types of offshore geo surveys include geophysical and geotechnical. Geophysical surveys are mainly necessary to ensure that developments and projects around water depths are safe enough to reduce or avoid risk for offshore developers and the like. On the other hand, geotechnical surveys are responsible for sampling and testing soil foundations and properties, most primarily needed for the oil and gas industry and other related operations.


Offshore vessel operators provide varying services that are helpful for differing marine industries. Aside from all the mentioned services above, there are still more they can offer and provide. Knowing the different services offered can help give an overview of how these offshore vessel operators can provide the necessary need of a specific project or operations offshores. 

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