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Take full control of your cargo movement

Our tool allows you to detemine current positions of your cargo on the World map. But, unlike other similar systems, this one can: Process ports and terminals data to calculate time spent for congestion; collect information from all shipping lines at once, including statistics; save history, export/import files, sort by different parameters; visualize all information on the map.

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SeaRates Container Tracking is a unique service that collects information from all possible sources at once.


Receive notifications for delivery status updates via email or SMS, view detailed tracking history, expected arrival time and more.


This tool collects all necessary information to give you full visibility and up-to-date statistics for your shipments.


Provide your customers with top level service to promote your company and engage customers with Branded Page.


Track your shipments

Our container tracking system allows us to determine the current position of this container on the world map. It also processes the port data and calculates the time spent on the port of congestion. To track the location of the container and the necessary information, just specify its number and the delivery line.

Get full control
of your shipments

With new Container Tracking you will be able to:

  • receive details about dates and routes, get full visualization on map
  • manage all containers in one place, regardless of carrier or shipping line
  • view history of your shipments
  • sort your shipments by date of arrival, departure, carrier, etc.
  • if you are registered as a carrier, manage your customer’s shipments, import and
  • export files, documents, add cargo information and more
  • collect and analyse information and statistics.

Get your own Container Tracking

If your business is related to logistics, import/export or international trade, engage your customers with Branded Container Tracking or Mobile Tracking.

Install it on your website

Demonstrate to customers that your company is really top-level. Today only the largest companies and shipping lines own tracking on their sites, but now you no longer have to refer to other sources.

We offer our developments and help to provide fast integration of Container Tracking on your website, support and personal customization for your brand.