Distance & Time API

With the Distance & Time API, you can easily determine distances between two points around the world. Enter any desired direction in the search function, and you will get the shortest distance (sea, land, air) between points as well as all the important information about the travel time. Also, you can determine the distances between the coordinates (latitude/longitude). Use the Distance & Time API on your customer-facing website, app, or software.

Ship Schedule API

Sea Distance & Time API

Accurate routes, sea distances and transit times are key criteria for improved decision making. We empower maritime and logistics stakeholders with the most accurate routes to better plan, track, and improve journeys from point A to point B. Get point to point, port to point, and port to port sea routes and sea distances.

Road Distance & Time API

The API calculates the Distance and Driving Directions between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns. Drive time calculations use road speed averages and algorithms using the API.

Air Distance & Time API

The API response is possible via the latitude and longitude values of live flights. With this data, you can calculate flight distances. You can determine the actual distance between two flights and measure the activity in a given parameter.

Rail Distance & Time API

Delivery by rail is considered to be a more economical way than others. Information includes the distance, estimated travel time, and a representation of the route geometry. Get point to point, railway station to point, and railway station to railway station rail routes and rail distances.

Who’s our API for?

The API can be used for software companies, third-party developers, and to improve the logistics business. Our API can be easily integrated into any software, platform, or website.

Our api
Format JSON

JSON format

The API response contains a distance in JSON format, as well as information about the duration of each constructed route section. The calculated travel time for a route section always accounts for the current traffic conditions and the traffic forecast. Optionally we can provide Distance & Time API solution in other methods like GraphQL or Post/Get.

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