Booking API

Booking API

Book the rate via API in 5 minutes! Use the Booking API feature to retrieve and update bookings on

Booking API covers the complete booking process; it is designed to book in real-time in just two steps and allows to generate lists with all your bookings, confirm bookings, manage cancellations and modifications, and receive booking information.

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The Booking API can be used for seven different purposes:

  • Create a booking;
  • Process booking directly with the carrier;
  • Get booking confirmation or confirm booking from your side;
  • Get a list of bookings;
  • Get the details of a particular booking;
  • Modify a booking;
  • Cancel a booking or request a cancelation to get the details of cancellation conditions.

Alternative purposes

  • Your customers can book on your website and not being registered on SeaRates;
  • You can also convey the customer's contact details via the API so that the manager can help with shipping;
  • Receive bookings on your website directly via SeaRates.

Retrieval process

We recommend calling the API periodically - for example, every minute - to get a list of recently created, modified, or canceled bookings and any other updates that appear in the booking.

In addition to successfully receiving bookings, you must also send a call to the API confirming modifications or providing alternative edits.


Retrieval time limit

You should aim to process new, modified, and canceled bookings almost instantly. However, if you are unable to receive your booking within 30 minutes after creating or modifying it, we will send it by email. This ensures that you never miss an important update.