Liner Terms

Die nächsten wichtigsten Abkürzungen sind in der kommerziellen Praxis für Linienbeförderungen zwischen den Häfen angenommen:

FIOS — Free in/out (loading/discharging is at consigner's cost);

FIFO — Free in/Free out (vide FIOS);

FILO — Free in/Liner out (loading is at consigner's cost, discharging is at liner cost);

LIFO — Liner in/Free out (loading is at liner cost, discharging is at consigner's cost);

LILO — Liner in / aus (Be-und Entladen ist bei Liner Kosten).


Depending on the shipping line or a particular port practice the different surcharges can be added to rate:

CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) is a fee applied to the shipping costs to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations;

BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) refers to floating part of sea freight charges which represents additions due to oil prices;

Wharfage is a port duty;

CUC (Chassis Using Charge) is a duty for using chassis;

Documentationsgebühr ist eine Pflicht zur Ausführung von Dokumenten, usw.


Depending on shipping line extension of activity in the given territory, container can be delivered to the container yard located nearby port or to the hinterland. Also it can be delivered to the client's "door". Taking it into account the next additional terms can be added to the main line ones

FICY — Free in/Container yard (loading is at consigner's cost, delivering is provided to container yard)

LI-Door — Liner in / Tür (Laden ist bei Liner Kosten und liefert an Kunden Tür vorgesehen ist).

In der Regel, wenn Linie Tür-zu-Tür-Containerlieferung anbietet, kaum es jemals Zeug entpacken oder Container. Diese Frage wird durch die Bemühungen Versender oder mit Hilfe von Spediteur aufgelöst.

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