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The best sea freight calculator for your website.

Logistics Explorer is designed to make your business experience even faster, more responsive, and more efficient. Here are the latest features and improvements in the world’s most advanced shipping lead generation tool

Logistics Explorer

Booking Proccesing

Allow your customers to get your instant quotes and book 24/7. Even if they search something out of the info - they can leave a quick request, so that you'll never miss a lead!

Logistics Explorer

Request for a quote

Even if some information on the service your customer is searching for is missing, or they need an additional service – quick request option will motivate them to contact you and create a new lead.

The Lead Generator

Use the platform as a Lead Generator for business. It turns information that you have (shipping rates, routes on map, transit time) into information that you want - to know who needs your shipping service right now.

Logistics Explorer

The fastest way to help your customers

Integrate chat with Logistics Explorer to provide even faster and more accurate service. Your customers may have questions while exploring your rates and tariffs – start chatting with visitors who need your help. It’s way faster than email and more efficient than phone. Don’t make your customers wait.

How to increase sales?

Subscribe on rates of your partners in different countries and make additional sales on their services. Add your own rates and allow your partner network advertise and resell them.

You have the opportunity to gain new business by opting-in your rates for other members to leverage them for their customers. Your partner member will be promoting your rates in their country, expanding your sales geography in new markets.

0% commission on bookings between DFA members!

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Freight Quotes International Cargo Services

Freight Calculator is an outstanding tool to approach new customers and serve regular ones. You can select from multiple widget templates that fit demands of any logistics provider.