Warehouse Services

Warehouse services in main world ports


Freight forwarding companies within SeaRates.com provide warehousing services in different cities of the world for handling and storage of goods. Covered warehouses can be intended for piece and bulk cargo, which allows, regardless of weather conditions, to store goods in complete safety. Freight forwarders pass a special qualification, and as a rule they have a huge experience for all types of cargo and all the necessary equipment for this. Given that warehouses are often located right in the ports, the implementation of warehousing services becomes much easier and easier. The container terminal is located in the maximum proximity to the premises, which makes it possible to carry out the dispatch of containers promptly, without any delays. The huge covered warehouse is a spacious room in which your cargo will be in complete safety. Warehouse services can be provided as a whole complex, and selective services.

As a rule, warehouse services include:

• Reception of containers at the warehouse terminal;
• Reception of transport with the customer's cargo;
• Handling of goods;
• Documentation and production of the required certificates (origin, quality, etc.);
• Customs clearance;
• Delivery to the terminal;
• Cargo storage;
• Degassing and fumigation;
• Other services on demand

Warehouse Equipment

Many freight forwarders have stevedore complexes at their disposal that have different types of loading and unloading equipment: gantry cranes, pneumatic cranes, grain throwers, forklifts, and all the necessary equipment and conditions to implement the transshipment process quickly and efficiently. The presence of the railway line directly on the territory allows you to receive and send goods by railway transport. For quick acceptance and shipment to the warehouse, the complexes are equipped with automobile dumpers for receiving wheat, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, barley, sunflower seeds and a ramp for reloading container and piece goods.

Handling and storage

Warehouses and equipment for handling will help to solve the current problems of transportation and storage of your cargo. This area of ​​SeaRates activity is in demand, and we are doing an excellent job with covering and managing the supply chain of our customers.
In various cities and ports, both open and closed warehouses are represented. At the same time, all the conditions and requirements for the preservation of cargo in unchanged form are maintained.

The requirements are followed:

• Storage conditions.
• Temperature mode.
• Humidity.
• Other specific conditions.
• Handling;

The quality of the services is important and it is at a high level in the framework of the standardization of SeaRates services. For handling purposes can be used:
• Gantry cranes of different capacity.
• Floating cranes.
• Car cranes.

Responsible storage of goods

Responsible storage is a business transaction for the transfer of material values ​​under a storage contract or other legal acts for storage to another entity who is obliged to ensure the safety of this product (safe custody) without loss of quality indicators and characteristics.
The main advantage of responsible storage is a guarantee of safety and value of the goods, lack of costs for the maintenance of storage facilities and staff, high speed and quality during cargo handling. SeaRates takes care of providing customers with:
• A-class warehousing complexes
• shelf and floor storage of dimensional goods
• storage of goods in areas of strict temperature control (from -20 ° C to + 10 ° C)
• storage of goods with different requirements and characteristics in separate warehouses and areas
• storage in open and closed areas
• storage of oversized cargoes

Freight forwarding companies providing services within SeaRates.com offer you high-quality warehousing services from experienced specialists at affordable rates!