Custom Clearence

Due to our extensive experience and a big team of specialists, choosing SeaRates for customs clearance operations makes this normally headache-inducing process go smoothly.

Besides our standard logistic services, our team provides full spectrum of service in customs clearance. With SeaRates help you can optimizie your supply chain and streamline all the complicated things in shipping!

    We offer: Professional FEA consultations
  • Cargo declaration from your company for the shortest time, for all types of commodities
  • Online declaration
  • Сertification etc

The benefits

Speed, clarity and competitive prices – these are our primary advantages, which make up the reason we are an indispensable partner in customs clearance.

    Cooperating with us, you get these advantages:
  • Saving your time
    Our main goals in every deal are maximizing speed and quality
  • Transparency 
    You will always know at what stage the work process is in.
  • Cost-cutting 
    Our experience and skill make us competitive.
Custom clearence