Customs Clearance - Latest Trends and Painpoints

Aug 08, 2018 Patrick Prinston Patrick Prinston

Due to our extensive experience and a big team of specialists, choosing SeaRates for customs clearance operations makes this normally headache-inducing process go smoothly.

Besides the  standard logistic services, SeaRates provides full spectrum of service in customs clearance. With SeaRates help we optimizie our supply chain and streamline all the complicated things in shipping.


SeaRates covers:

  • Professional FEA consultations

  • Cargo declaration from your company for the shortest time, for all types of commodities

  • Online declaration

  • Сertification etc.


The obvious benefits - speed, clarity and competitive prices – these are our primary advantages, which make up the reason we are an indispensable partner in customs clearance.


Cooperating with SeaRates, you get these advantages:

  • Saving your time

  • Our main goals in every deal are maximizing speed and quality

  • Transparency

  • You will always know at what stage the work process is in

  • Cost-cutting


Experience and skill make one competitive. But not only this characteristics in case of SeaRates: the project develops the unique transport platform, which brings transparency to each step of the supply chain. As such, the VAT and Taxes are normally the biggest part of the clearance, and as it is well-known in the world, in many countries it is still a problem with undertable money and hidden payments.



Specificity of the customs legislation is different in diverse countries, high requirements and obligations to conduct foreign economic activity involve the timely study of a large number of issues and actions. This knowledge is simply necessary in business with foreign partners, because it is very important to conduct a trading operation in a high-quality, thoughtful and thorough manner.

To successfully execute trading operations in international markets, one must be well-informed in the economic situation in the market of services and goods of this country, know the rules of doing business, transporting goods and customs clearance. Companies that want or just begin their activities at the international level will need the help of specialists in foreign economic activity.

Consultations on customs legislation and issues of foreign economic activity will help to work out different options and choose the most optimal variant of customs clearance and avoid various overlays, situations, loss of time and money.


By the certain experience, SeaRates can surely provide qualified assistance and advice on the following issues:

  • advice on customs clearance;

  • consultations on customs regimes for the carriage of goods;

  • consultations on general issues of foreign trade;

  • consultations on the application of customs legislation;

  • consultations on issues of non-tariff regulation.

  • support and assistance in matters of return of customs duties and taxes;

  • evaluation of paperwork (contracts, commercial and other documents) for compliance with customs legislation;

  • drafting of contracts, foreign economic contracts;

  • assessment of the legality of actions and acts of customs authorities and their officials;

  • issues related to the confirmation of the customs value and the country of origin of the goods;

  • offset and return of overpaid customs payments;

  • advising on the customs modes of transportation of goods and assistance in the selection of terms of delivery Incoterms 2010;

  • identification of customs risks when exporting - importing goods;

  • individual training in customs matters;

  • holding of trainings;

  • assistance in the preparation of documents for the clearance of goods in customs authorities;

  • rendering services of a customs broker, carrier and storage of goods in a customs warehouse.


Correct execution of foreign economic contracts, preparation of permits, knowledge of taxation and other legal nuances are unquestionable and the main advantages for building an effective business abroad.

When studying the issue, an individual approach is always used, the efficiency of the process is analyzed, optimal solutions are applied that will reduce costs and increase the result of the foreign economic activity of the enterprise. The goal is to provide customs clearance services and useful long-term cooperation.


I recommend contacting  to get  full support on customs clearance questions.


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